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From The Left: Traveling Tidbits About Civil Rights, Guns, And Old Highway 81

From The Left: Traveling Tidbits About Civil Rights, Guns, And Old Highway 81

I am traveling a bit for work this week, so I thought I would discuss a few tidbits in my weekly blog I feel are interesting, but are not necessarily long enough for a full out posts. 1) First off, during the debate over SB2279, the bill to add GLBT to the list of protected

From The Left: Why Are ND Republicans Promoting A Constitutional Convention?

Every two years, when the North Dakota Legislature meets, they have the opportunity to promote Constitutional Amendments to the United States Constitution through a process of Concurrent Resolutions. Each year, the North Dakota Legislature, which is very conservative, will send messages to congress saying they need to spend less, tax less, and do other things

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From the Left: Defending North Dakota's Brand Of Conservatism

This will not come as a surprise for anybody who pays attention, but North Dakota conservatism is not the same as conservatism in other parts of the Country.  I believe that frustrates many people on both sides of the political aisle. Those on the right become frustrated because of a perceived lack of party purity

 From The Left: Does North Dakota Need Sentencing Reform?

This week, Leann Bertsch, director of the state Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation in North Dakota, announced she will ask the Legislature to adopt a county-by-county allocation at state prison facilities using a formula based on the population of each county. The problem, according to Bertsch, is some counties are using the state prison system

Two Things The Republicans In Congress Could Do But Won’t

Well Congratulations Republicans, you have done it. You now control the United States Supreme Court, the United States House of Representatives, and the United States Senate.  The only thing standing between you and the Ayn Rand inspired utopia you have always fantasized about is a lame duck President with low approval ratings.  The responsibility of