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Plain Talk: Do We Need Sports Betting in North Dakota?

Plain Talk: Do We Need Sports Betting in North Dakota?

On this episode of Plain Talk, state Rep. Tom Beadle talks about his bill – one of two before the Legislature in Bismarck – to legalize sports betting in North Dakota. His would be restricted to professional sports. The other, introduced by Rep. Jason Dockter, would also include amateur sports like collegiate athletics and the

One of the Best Things About America Is That Colin Kaepernick Can Sit During the National Anthem

I have no problem if people refuse to stand for the national anthem. This is America, after all. One of the things which makes this place great, which inspires millions upon millions of people to voluntarily stand in respect during our national anthem, is that we don’t force people into unwilling displays of nationalism. North

Matt Evans: Reflecting On The Cost Of Freedom

As much as I think Andres Serrano, the person behind “Piss Christ” is a jerk, and not a very inspiring artist, I’m glad that he wasn’t stoned to death. I’m disappointed, however, in how some people reacted to his creation.  Did you know that he, and people exhibiting his collection received multiple death threats?  In America,

George Sinner Apparently Wants A Government Truth Commission

Today Democrat George Sinner’s campaign proposed “Truth In Politics” legislation which would essentially have the government regulate political speech to decide what is and is not true. Because that’s not Orwellian at all, right? A government truth commission? “People deserve to know exactly who they are voting for,” Sinner said in a press release. “That

Intolerance: Fan Upset At Cross Drawn On Mound To Honor Deceased Baseball Player

St. Louis Cardinals great Stan Musial died earlier this year, and during this baseball season a groundskeeper at Busch Stadium has been drawing a cross and the number 6 (Musial’s number) in rememberance on the pitcher’s mound. But it wasn’t until just recently that a fan noticed, and he’s gone to the media with his

IRS, White House Were Reviewing Conservative Watchdog Website Simultaneously

The big question in the IRS scandal is how far up the ladder knowledge of the targeting of conservative groups went. The Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity has some circumstantial evidence indicating that their news website, WatchDog.org, was under heavy review by both the IRS and the White House at the same time: