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Tyler Lannoye: Bill Is Pro-Property Rights, Not Anti-Hunting

Tyler Lannoye: Bill Is Pro-Property Rights, Not Anti-Hunting

This guest post was submitted by Tyler Lannoye, an outdoor sports enthusiast and resident of Churchs Ferry, North Dakota. I am not a landowner. I am a lifelong resident of North Dakota and a sportsman. I am a member of my local sportsmen’s clubs and I donate money, time, guns and resources to promote youth hunting

Plain Talk: ND Stockmen’s Association Says Change in North Dakota’s Land Posting Laws Is Needed

Julie Ellingson from the North Dakota Stockmen’s Association is on the Plain Talk Podcast today. Her group is backing legislation which would change state law regarding the posting of land. Currently land is presumed to be open unless it’s posted otherwise. The law would end that presumption, meaning land owners no longer have to post.

Legislation Introduced to End the Presumption of Access to Unposted Private Land

Earlier this month I wrote about a debate that was expected for this legislative session over the presumption of access to unposted private land. Currently hunters and others can go on land that’s not posted. If land is posted, they have to obtain permission. That status quo put the onus on land owners, requiring that they

North Dakota Property Owners Shouldn’t Have to Post Their Land to Control Access

There were hundreds of arrests made during the violent protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline a couple of years back, but I’m sure you readers noticed that the charges behind many of those arrests didn’t stick. That’s because the bulk of those charges were related to trespassing, and North Dakota has some very antiquated trespass