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On Television: Can We Protect Property Rights And The Environment At The Same Time?

On Television: Can We Protect Property Rights And The Environment At The Same Time?

) I was on Chris Berg’s 6:30 Point of View program last night debating the “extraordinary places” regulations proposed to the North Dakota Industrial Commission by Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem. The commission adopted the policy, but only for public lands, leaving private lands free. On the show, columnist Clay Jenkinson argued for the inclusion of

Industrial Commission Nixes Public Comment For Oil Drilling On Private Land, Embraces Flaring Reduction Plan

Citing concerns over private property rights, and whether or not the North Dakota Industrial Commission even has the authority to do such a thing. Governor Jack Dalrymple yesterday proposed an amendment to “extraordinary places” regulations that removes private lands from consideration. Many in North Dakota, particularly those in the west, felt that allowing public comment

State Senator: "We’ll Shut Down Everything In Western North Dakota"

“I wonder if North Dakota Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem was expecting the uproar that his proposed ‘extraordinary places’ regulations for oil-drilling permits issued by the state Industrial Commission have inspired?” That’s what I wrote in a column published in the Grand Forks Herald yesterday. As an illustration of just how loud that uproar has gotten, consider

Steve Holen Column: "Extraordinary Places" Oil Drilling Regs Sound Good, But Are Bad Policy

While the concept of Extraordinary Places may sound good in theory, in practice it takes away local control, sets a dangerous legal precedent and erodes the rights of private property owners. No one is more committed to protecting the land in oil country than the people who live there. That’s why the North Dakota Association