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Podcast: College Student Says Paid Petitioners Working on Ethics Commission Measure Giving “Middle Finger to Our Values in North Dakota”

Podcast: College Student Says Paid Petitioners Working on Ethics Commission Measure Giving “Middle Finger to Our Values in North Dakota”

Jamal Omar, a student at North Dakota State University, joined me on the radio today to talk about the tactics being used by petitioners backing what they describe as an anti-corruption ballot measure. Omar said the petitioners have been misleading and overly aggressive. He described being approached by one of the petitioners. “I said ‘is

Anti-Corruption Ballot Measure Activists, Flush With Out of State Money, Looking to Hire Professional Signature Collectors

A group of people in North Dakota calling themselves the North Dakotans for Public Integrity is really just a front group for a left wing group called Represent.US as the Associated Press uncovered recently. The ballot measure they’re pushing (or ballot measures, I guess) is just a local iteration of what Represent.US calls the American

In a Bizarre Move Ethics Commission Activists File Two Additional Versions of Their Ballot Measure With the Secretary of State

Back in late January a group of left wing activists calling themselves North Dakotans for Public Integrity submitted a ballot measure to create a state ethics commission to Secretary of State Al Jaeger for approval. In late February I reported that this group was considering two additional iterations of their ballot measure, including one that

Backers of Ballot Measure to Create an Ethics Commission Now Maybe Don’t Want an Ethics Commission

As I noted earlier this month, there are a lot of left-of-center ballot measures in the works this election cycle, but it’s been a rocky road for some of them. A measure aimed at overturning the state’s Sunday closing laws flopped when it’s organizer decided to run for the Legislature as a Democrat instead. A

There May Be a Lot of Left Wing Initiated Measures on the Ballot This Election Cycle

Earlier today I wrote about a proposed ballot measure which would raise North Dakota’s minimum wage to $15 per hour. That’s a proposal near and dear to the hearts of North Dakota progressives, but it’s not the only initiated measure coming from the left which may be on ballots this election cycle. There are also:

You Deny Women Agency by Carrying on as Though They Can’t Be Criticized

“In a blog post published Jan. 29, Rob Port attributes no agency to Dina Butcher because she is a non-polarized Republican who willingly interacts with, and occasionally supports, other individuals who are not Republicans,” Ellie Shockley (apropos of nothing, a member of Governor Doug Burgum’s higher education governance task force). “Allegedly this means she is

Ethics Commission Measure Submitted to Secretary of State for Approval

Earlier this week I broke the news that former Democratic Lt. Governor candidate Ellen Chaffee was circulating a draft of an initiated measure aimed at amending the state constitution to, among other things, create an ethics commission. Today Secretary of State Al Jaeger announced that the proposed measure has been submitted for approval to be

In Arguing for an Ethics Commission Former Democratic Lawmaker Embarrasses Himself

Former state Rep. Ed Gruchalla has a letter to the Fargo Forum today which is one of the most repugnant things I’ve ever seen a politician say or write publicly. And I’m writing that in the age of Trump. Gruchalla, a Democrat and retired law enforcement officer, was cast out of office by voters in 2014.

ND Legislature Bills For Gun Control, Earlier Sunday Alcohol Sales, Drug Testing For Welfare Recipients

There were a lot of interesting bills introduced yesterday down at the legislature. Here’s a summary of what’s been introduced: Gun Control HB1415 and 1416, both introduced by Democrat Steve Zaiser, would make make high-capacity magazines/belt feeds, etc. illegal as well as so-called “assault weapons.” From HB1416, which doesn’t apply to the military or law