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Review: The Interview Hardly Seems Worth The Fuss (Spoilers)

Review: The Interview Hardly Seems Worth The Fuss (Spoilers)

When I saw in my social media feeds that The Interview was available for download/streaming I immediately bought a copy. At that point, I kind of felt like it was my duty as an American. No gang of thugs, be they sponsored by North Korea or independently-operating rogues, is going to dictate to me what movies

Robin Williams Mocking A Country's Horrendous Track Record On Female Rights Is Racist?

At the Emmy Awards, which apparently happened recently, comedian Billy Crystal gave a tribute to the recently departed Robin Williams (watch it here). Part of the tribute was a video montage of Williams’ performances which included, among other things, a stand up routine where he wraps a scarf he got from a woman in the

Remembering Harold Ramis And His Small Government Masterpiece

Harold Ramis was involved in some of my favorite movies of all time. From Groundhog Day to the Ghostbusters franchise, he was a talented writer, director and actor. He’ll be missed. I honestly don’t know anything about Ramis’ politics, or those of his co-writer Dan Akroyd, so I don’t know if he intended the Reagan-era Ghostbusters to

Bipartisan Bashing Is What Makes House Of Cards Great (Mild Spoilers)

The Netflix original House of Cards is excellent television (if you can call it that given that it exists on a medium that isn’t strictly limited to TV screens any more).  It’s also one of the best politically-themed shows I’ve seen in some time, and what makes it better than some of the other political shows

Rep. Cramer Calls For FCC To Uphold Decency Standards

North Dakota Rep. Kevin Cramer sent the letter below to the FCC today opposing a move by the agency to relax decency standards. This comes in the wake of the FCC giving Boston Red Sox star David Ortiz a pass on his emotional and profane speech in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombing. “We

Free Markets And Piracy

This weekend the latest season of Game of Thrones premiered on HBO, and online the show – which already has the dubious honor of being the most stolen television show in the world – promptly set a record for piracy: Game of Thrones season three premiered last night, and that’s kind of a big deal.

History Channel Bible Series Makes Satan Look Suspiciously Like Barack Obama

Good grief: That had to be on purpose. Because otherwise we have to believe that everyone involved in the production saw this guy portraying Satan and didn’t make the connection with our President. If the intent of this program is to educate people about the history of the bible, and I assume that’s at least

Why Do Americans Like Downton Abbey?

I’ve got a confession to make: I like Downton Abbey. My wife and I have watched every new episode together since we discovered the series. We binged on the first season on Netflix, and we have a standing date to watch new episodes when they come out. As a conservative, someone who adheres closely to

Guest Post: Reviewing Matt Damon's Promised Land

In Promised Land, Steve (Matt Damon) was sent to a small, poor town to lease land to drill for natural gas.  He’s the company’s golden boy who knows how to charm local residents into leasing their minerals.  His job proves to be easy at first, but trouble waits. After Steve pays $30,000 cash to buy the