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The rear window of a Tesla electric car owned by the Lignite Energy Council of North Dakota Photo via the LEC

Jason Bohrer: The Coal Industry Loves Electric Cars

Jason Bohrer: The Coal Industry Loves Electric Cars

This guest post was submitted by Jason Bohrer, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Lignite Energy Council. In October, David Ferris, a reporter with E&E News came through North Dakota driving an electric KIA. He stopped in Bismarck and used the charger in the back of the Lignite Energy Council to repower the batteries

Great River Energy's Coal Creek Station on Wednesday, August 19, 2015, in Underwood, N.D. (Logan Werlinger/Grand Forks Herald)

If We Want Electric Vehicles We’re Going to Need Coal Power Which Is Why the Coal Industry Is Backing Them

There are still a lot of things which need to happen before electric vehicles become, for most of us, anything more than an expensive novelty. As a tech enthusiast, there are a lot of things about electric cars which are downright thrilling. Like the self-driving capabilities, which have now proliferated to the point where people

A Tesla-charging station this week in Oakdale, Minn. Courtesy Photo / Tesla

When Subsidies Make Things More Expensive

When the government creates a subsidy the justification for the policy usually has to do with making the subsidized thing more affordable. For whatever reason the object of the subsidy is deemed necessary, but not affordable, so some or all of its cost is spread out to the taxpayers. But what if subsidies actually drive