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As if We Needed More Evidence That the Democratic Party Doesn’t Really Like North Dakota

As if We Needed More Evidence That the Democratic Party Doesn’t Really Like North Dakota

There’s a reason why states like North Dakota – rural states where jobs and prosperity rely in large part on agriculture and energy – have become deeply Republican in recent decades. It’s because the modern Democratic party doesn’t seem to like our states all that much. The party’s luminaries are downright snide when they talk

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Plain Talk: Do We Need the Electoral College? Former Clinton Appointee Says It Protects White Supremacy

Do we need the Electoral College? It, and not the national popular vote, has been the deciding factor in two national elections in the last twenty years. It put George W. Bush over the top against Al Gore in 2000, and helped Donald Trump defeat Hillary Clinton in 2016. Now some want to end it.

Plain Talk: Senator Cramer Says He’s “Sure” Trump Supports Electoral College Because It Won Him Election in 2016

President Donald Trump is widely seen as a populist leader. So why, in the wake of criticism of the Electoral College from Democrats, would he be saying he supports it given that it’s a decidedly anti-populist institution? Asked on this episode of Plain Talk if maybe Trump supports the Electoral College because it was why

Democrats Figuring Out How to Talk to Trump Voters Is Why the Electoral College Is a Wonderful Thing

According to reports, Democrats are now putting on seminars aimed at figuring out how to talk to Americans who aren’t inclined to vote for Democrats. “Democratic members of Congress are learning how to converse with¬†regular people during a retreat this week to prepare to battle President Donald Trump,” the¬†Washington Free Beacon reports. “One session at

Scott Hoaby: In Defense of the Electoral College

Not long ago a contributor to the Forum argued that the Electoral College should be abolished, adding that whoever wins the popular vote should win the presidential election. Now that the election is over, academics and news pundits are again taking up this argument. I would like to challenge this notion that the electoral college