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North Dakota Senate End-of-Session Legislative Vote Ranking

North Dakota Senate End-of-Session Legislative Vote Ranking

Earlier we posted the end-of-session vote rankings for the ND House of Representatives for the 63rd Legislative Assembly. We learned that, even in this the more conservative of the two chambers, alignment of the purported Republican super majority with the conservative values the party supposedly cherishes is far from reality. This is not overly surprising

Senator John Hoeven Won't Answer Questions About Running For President

He’s not saying he’s running for President, but he’s not saying he’s not running either. Newsmax TV’s Steve Malzberg grilled Hoeven about his future political aspirations on Tuesday, but he was repeatedly rebuffed. “I’m just trying to do my job as a senator and see if we can’t get this economy going and growing and

North Dakota Indians Suppressing Their Own Vote?

According to some, North Dakota passing a tougher voter ID law was all about suppressing the Native American vote. That’s an accusation made by Melissa Merrick, the Spirit Lake woman who accused Rep. Kevin Cramer of berating her during a closed door meeting (a claim Merrick herself admits hasn’t really been confirmed by anyone else).

Hypocrites: Anti-Gun Democrats Seeking Pro-Gun Candidates For Swingstates

On the national level the Democrat push to toughen gun control laws was undone by red-state, pro-gun Democrats who joined with Republicans to kill the effort in the Senate. But even as the push for tougher gun control policies continue, Democrat party officials are seeking more pro-gun candidates to run in the coming election. Democratic

Guest Post: District Party Elections Are Important

On May 7th, the residents and Executive Committees of the Fargo Legislative Districts will be convening at the Sheyenne 9th Grade Center for local elections. From personal experience, I can tell you that these elections are important. Executive committees have a number of responsibilities over their two-year terms. They assist in the campaigns of their

NDGOP Brags Up Obamacare Medicaid Expansion

Today the NDGOP sent out their first ever GOP Update, which mimics a daily email and social media blast the state’s Democrats have been doing for some time. We’re excited to announce the first issue of GOP Update, an at-a-glance look at the big stories happening in… fb.me/2OfP7he3a — ND Republican Party (@NDGOP) April 19,

In North Dakota's Next Election You'll Need An ID To Vote

North Dakota has some of the most lax voting requirements in the nation. There is no voter registration, and to get a ballot you can either have someone else at the polls vouch for you or you can fill out an affidavit which isn’t checked out until well after your ballot has already been counted.

North Dakota Senate Passes Tougher Voter ID Law

The North Dakota Senate today passed HB1332 on a 30-16 vote. The bill would toughen the state’s voter ID laws, requiring an ID to vote (or the ID of someone who is vouching for another voter). According to Democrats, this will disenfranchise legitimate elderly and minority voters to solve a non-existent problem. According to Republicans,

Associated Press: Republicans Pushing Voter ID Laws Because Obama, Democrats Won In 2012

This is an actual passage from an actual, and supposedly objective, Associated Press article: RICHMOND, Va. (AP) – Gov. Bob McDonnell has signed legislation into law that will require voters to carry photo identification with them to the polls, starting next year in Virginia. Virginia joins four other states that have strict photo ID requirements

George Will: "Opposition To Gay Marriage Is Literally Dying"

I’ve written before, to the consternation of many conservative readers of this site, that the GOP’s on-going opposition to gay marriage is foolish as a long-term political strategy. That’s because younger generations of Americans are either agnostic on the issue, or very much opposed to the idea of the state banning gay marriage. And George