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Video: Should School Boards Have to Ask the Governor to Waive Weather Make up Days?

Video: Should School Boards Have to Ask the Governor to Waive Weather Make up Days?

“I did not think this one would be that controversial,” state Senator Janne Myrdal (R-District 10) said of her bill, SB2220, during a floor debate. I didn’t think it would be controversial either. The change is pretty simple. Under current law if a school wants to waive the obligation to make up days lost due

Video: Burgum Plugs Bing, Promotes Education, and Promises End to Property Tax Buy Downs During State of the State

Governor Doug Burgum delivered the first State of the State address of his term in office to lawmakers today. Here’s the full video, which isn’t really all that long and would be worth your time to watch. I put some of my thoughts below: [fcc_jw_player key=”sP2Qdshw”] An energetic new tone “The new governor—though he projects

Rep. Scott Louser: Time for the State to Take Over K-12 Spending to Eliminate Local Property Tax Burdens

Property taxes are consistently at the top of the list of voter concerns every election cycle and as the calendar year draws to a close, property owners will be anticipating their annual bill. While the legislature does not assess property, levy the mills, collect the taxes or spend the revenue, we are involved in the

Supt. Kirsten Baesler: How to Improve Education in North Dakota

In May I announced that the Department of Public Instruction was beginning the process of revising North Dakota’s academic standards for math and English. These new standards will replace the standards adopted in 2011 based on the Common Core. Since May, two committees comprised of North Dakota teachers have met and completed the first draft

Justin LaBar: This Teacher Does Not Want Common Core Or Kirsten Baesler

As I listened to an interview with North Dakota’s Superintendent of Public Instruction, Kirsten Baesler, on Joel Heitkamp’s show, I realized that Ms. Baesler is either delusional or a liar. Maybe both. On Tuesday, the Bismarck Tribune reported in an article titled, “North Dakota to Write Standards Replacing Common Core,” that Baesler said, “We will

Leah Peterson: Anti-Common Core Parents Want More Than Empty Promises

Kirsten Baesler’s announcement that North Dakota is moving away from Common Core should raise a lot of questions for parents and voters concerned about our education system. It would be too easy to see this as a ploy to gain votes. Baesler’s own statements leads one to suspect that this is just that–a strategy made

ND Superintendent Announces Beginning Of Move Away From Common Core Standards

About a month ago I wrote that North Dakota’s Republicans, many of whom were stalwart supporters of Common Core, were beginning to turn their backs on the education standards. Among them the Stenehjem/Poolman gubernatorial ticket and state Superintendent Kirsten Baesler who has had a rocky first year in office, in no small part because of

Joe Chiang: Common Core Math Is Not Common

There have been complaints about elementary teachers, elementary students, and parents of elementary students being unable to understand Common Core elementary math.  There is a logical reason. The methods elementary teachers must teach are learned by math majors in Number Theory College Math class, an advanced math class sometimes taken by math minors as well