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State capitol, Bismarck North Dakota

Can We Make It Illegal for the Legislature to Legislate?

Can We Make It Illegal for the Legislature to Legislate?

Today the Secretary of State’s office announced they have received a resubmitted petition to amend the state constitution to “limit Legislative options for amending state’s constitution,” as the press release puts it. I’d written about this measure last month when it was originally submitted. You can read the latest iteration in full below, but here’s

Plain Talk: Can’t the People Be Trusted to Vote on Amendments to the Initiated Measure Process?

Proponents of North Dakota’s initiated measure process argue that the will of the people, as expressed at the ballot box, is the ultimate arbiter of political questions. So why then does a group of initiated measure enthusiasts, led by activist Dustin Gawrylow, want to stop the people from voting on amendments to the initiated measure

The school district's signs are placed on school properties and do not include the word 'yes.' (Kayla Henson / The Dickinson Press)

Why Is a Construction Firm Printing Campaign Signs for a School District?

Over in Dickinson there is a bit of a kerfuffle over campaign signs promoting an upcoming bond election for a new high school. The story behind those signs is of statewide interest. At issue are the presence of campaign signs on school district property. Some say the signs – which say “vote for our future”

Proposed Ballot Measure Would Block Legislature’s Ability to Amend Part of North Dakota’s Constitution Dealing With Ballot Measures

We live in a very populist era, but the the proposal detailed below may be the very peak of populist stupidity. According to a release from Secretary of State Al Jaeger’s office, a group of citizens has filed for review a proposed ballot measure to amend the state constitution in a way that would prohibit

Will Gardner, pictured, plans to challenge incumbent Al Jaeger at the upcoming North Dakota Republican convention. Tom Stromme / Bismarck Tribune

Dustin Gawrylow: Attacks on Gardner Are Petty and Vindictive

This guest post was submitted by Bismarck resident Dustin Gawrylow. This weekend there are two races at the North Dakota Republican Party state convention that really matter: nominations for the U.S. House of Representatives and the Secretary of State. I have personally known Will Gardner for many years, and have had enough in depth discussions

Measure 4 Is No Power Grab But Rather Common Sense Reform For Initiated Measures

Fargo Forum reporter Mike Nowtazki has a profile of Measure 4 up today, and this oft-overlooked constitutional amendment is framed as being a “power grab” and a limit on the people’s ability to hold the Legislature accountable. But anyone familiar with the actual language of the measure knows it is neither. “I think it’s an