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Prohibition Is a Crock: Americans (Probably) Spend as Much on Recreational Drugs as They Do on Booze

Prohibition Is a Crock: Americans (Probably) Spend as Much on Recreational Drugs as They Do on Booze

A newly-issued Rand Corporation report (see below) indicates that Americans spent almost $150 billion on illegal drugs in 2016. To put that into perspective, Americans spent roughly $227 billion on alcohol the same year. The two numbers are seemingly far apart, until you realize the limitations of the drugs metric. For one thing, Rand only

Will Holley: Congress Should Stop Propping up High Drug Prices and Pass CREATES Act

This guest post was submitted by Will Holley. Congress and the Administration are poised to deliver on one of the key promises made to voters during the last election cycle: lowering out-of-control prescription drug prices. The Creating and Restoring Equal Access to Equivalent Samples (CREATES) Act is a bipartisan piece of legislation that would take

Audio: Defense Attorney Says North Dakota’s Overdose Immunity Law Shouldn’t Require Cooperation With the Cops

During their 2015 legislative session North Dakota’s lawmakers passed a bill giving some legal immunity to those seeking medical treatment for a drug overdose, along with those helping them. The problem, as I noted earlier this week, is that there are too many loopholes which allow those people to be arrested anyway. As deaths from

North Dakota’s Drug Immunity Laws Are Pointless if the Feds Can Prosecute Those Cases Anyway

Back during their 2015 session North Dakota lawmakers passed a bill which gives some legal immunity to people who overdose on drugs who are seeking medical attention and those helping them. The idea, and it’s a very good one, is to prioritize saving a life over padding drug arrest statistics. Only the law isn’t working

North Dakota's Pre-Filed Bills: Mandatory Sentencing Exemptions And Driverless Cars!

The 2015 session of North Dakota’s Legislature is looming. It begins next month on January 6th, and already bills and resolutions are being pre-filed for consideration. I read through what’s been posted online so far – 110 bills and 7 resolutions in the House, 102 bills and 6 resolutions in the Senate – and picked

Mother Of North Dakota Overdose Victim Wants Immunity Law For Those Calling Authorities

Debbie Bjerk’s eighteen-year-old son overdosed at a house party in Grand Forks after eating a brownie laced with hallucinogenic drugs. The person responsible for concocting the drug-laced brownie has been convicted and sentenced, but Bjerk tells the media that she wants a law giving immunity to people who report overdoses. “Nobody wanted to call police