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North Dakota Property Owners Shouldn’t Have to Post Their Land to Control Access

North Dakota Property Owners Shouldn’t Have to Post Their Land to Control Access

There were hundreds of arrests made during the violent protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline a couple of years back, but I’m sure you readers noticed that the charges behind many of those arrests didn’t stick. That’s because the bulk of those charges were related to trespassing, and North Dakota has some very antiquated trespass

Audio: NDFB Pres. Says Bill Requiring Permission to Enter Land Is About “Respect, Safety, and Private Property”

“This bill is about respect, safety, and private property,” North Dakota Farm Bureau President Daryl Lies told me on the radio during an interview yesterday (audio is below). The legislation he’s talking about is SB2225, introduced by Republican Senator Don Schaible of Mott. It would end the requirement that land owner post their land to

North Dakota Should Restore Property Rights by Ending the Presumption of Access to Private Land

There are a lot of politics behind SB2225, introduced by Republican state Senator Don Schaible of Mott. Under current law North Dakotans are allowed to go on private land for purposes like hunting as long as they a) aren’t told verbally to leave or b) the land isn’t legally posted. Schaible’s bill would end that

Video: Should School Boards Have to Ask the Governor to Waive Weather Make up Days?

“I did not think this one would be that controversial,” state Senator Janne Myrdal (R-District 10) said of her bill, SB2220, during a floor debate. I didn’t think it would be controversial either. The change is pretty simple. Under current law if a school wants to waive the obligation to make up days lost due

Democrats Accuse Republicans Of "Broken Promise" On Conservation Funding

For the past couple of years conservation activists pushing to create a tax dollar slush fund for themselves have had Republican lawmakers trying to stay ahead of them with knee-jerk policy making. During the 2013 session, after conservation activists failed to get a constitutional amendment on the state ballot due to petition fraud, lawmakers created

ND Senate Gives Common Core Testing Opt Out Bill The "Hog House" Treatment

In the parlance of the North Dakota Legislature, a “hog house” amendment is a change to a bill that completely replaces the original text of the bill. Basically, it’s lawmakers taking an existing bill and turning it into something else entirely. That’s what happened to HB1283 today. It passed the state House as a bill

Dalrymple Higher Ed Board Nominee Embarrassed Himself In Front Of Senate Committee

Last week Kevin Melicher, one of Governor Jack Dalrymple’s nominees to fill four vacancies on the State Board of Higher Education, got a hearing before a state Senate committee. It didn’t go well. “As many as 20 senators sat in in his hearing where he embarrassed himself by not having basic knowledge he could have