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Morton and Stemen: Get Both Sides of the Story on the Chancellor

Morton and Stemen: Get Both Sides of the Story on the Chancellor

“The truth is rarely pure and never simple.” – Oscar Wilde “A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.” – attributed to both Winston Churchill and/or Mark Twain “In seeking truth you have to get both sides of the story.” – Walter Cronkite What do

University Presidents Given Majority On Committee To Define State Board's Roles And Responsibilities

Many critics of higher education, including this one, believe that one of the fundamental problems with North Dakota’s university system is that the system is ungovernable. University presidents – with powerful political constituencies that include alumni, local leaders and usually their hometown media –  have far more sway than the part-time board of appointees who

SBHE Approves Sweetheart Deal For Sanford Nursing College

Yesterday I wrote about a proposal before the State Board of Higher Education today to have North Dakota State University take over a nursing college in Bismarck run by Sanford Health. Legislators I’ve spoken to have expressed concern about the deal, pointing out that three people involved in the transaction for the university system (Chancellor

Is The North Dakota University System Going To Give Sanford Health A Sweetheart Deal?

On tomorrow’s State Board of Higher Education agenda is a line item asking board members to approve a takeover by North Dakota State University of a nursing college in Bismarck currently run by Sanford Health (starts on page 25). Legislators I’ve spoken to are buzzing about the proposal, wondering if the SBHE has taken enough

Shocker: College Athletes Aren't So Great At Academics

I’ve written recently of the need to get big-time sports out of college. The imbalance in the allocation of resources is one reason. Many institutions – including North Dakota’s two largest universities – prioritize athletics over academics when it comes to spending. At a time when the cost of college is soaring, and students are

Sad: North Dakota Senate Rubber Stamps Dalrymples Board Of Higher Ed Appointments

Yesterday the North Dakota state Senate considered, and approved, three appointments to the State Board of Higher Education by Governor Jack Dalrymple. That three nominees were being considered all at one time is, in and of itself, remarkable. It’s the result multiple members of the SBHE leaving their terms on the board early in the