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Video: Senate Passes Anti-Gay Discrimination Bill Without Any Evidence Of Discrimination

Video: Senate Passes Anti-Gay Discrimination Bill Without Any Evidence Of Discrimination

The Senate today voted on SB2279, which is the same prohibition on discrimination towards homosexuals that Democrats have been offering for multiple sessions now. The bill would make it illegal to discriminate against gays in employment, housing, or in offering public services. Meaning that if this legislation passes, it would be illegal in North Dakota

If Discrimination Isn't A North Dakota Value, Why Does Anti-Discrimination Bill Allow It?

“Discrimination is not a North Dakota value,” states an opinion column published in the Grand Forks Herald today and written by Rep. Josh Boschee and Senator Carolyn Nelson. But if that statement is true, why does the legislation they’re touting provide exemptions for some forms of discrimination? Both are Democrats from Fargo and the prime sponsors

North Dakota Democrats Introduce Bill Banning Discrimination Against Gay/Transgendered

A bill to make discrimination against people based on their sexual orientation or gender identity is before the North Dakota legislature again. The bill is SB2279, introduced by Senator Carolyn Nelson. It appears to be a duplicate of SB2252 from the 2013 legislative session. That bill had Republican backing in the state House from Rep.

South Dakota SB128 Would Allow Businesses To Discriminate Against Gays

South Dakota SB128 is being considered in that state’s current legislative session, and if passed it would make it explicitly legal for businesses to refuse service to gays. It has 12 sponsors, and is currently sitting in the Senate Judiciary Committee. An excerpt: Section 1. No person or entity may bring suit against another person

Supreme Court Strikes Down Federal Oversight Of Elections

The Voting Rights Act, in part, gave the federal government authority over state elections in some jurisdictions, mostly in the south but also in states like Alaska and parts of New York too. The law was intended to stop discrimination against minority voters, and when it was challenged in the 1960’s the Supreme Court upheld

Supreme Court Vacates Lower Courts Ruling Upholding Affirmative Action

The Supreme Court’s decision today on an affirmative action case out of Texas doesn’t change much. The lower courts had granted the university summary judgment, but the Supreme Court today vacated the lower court decision ruling that the court did not apply a strict enough standard to the case which is now remanded back to

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City Official: New Protections For Homosexuals Will Make Little Difference

Despite the attention the issue gets, there’s little actual data to suggest that there’s any real problem with housing or employment discrimination against homosexuals. On the issue of housing discrimination specifically, I spoke with then-Labor Commissioner Tony Weiler back in April who told me that complaints over discrimination against homosexuals were not only minimal in

Heidi Heitkamp Has Been A Good Investment So Far For The Trial Lawyers

Heidi Heitkamp’s campaign for the US Senate last year was very dependent on a big influx of cash from trial lawyers (including those at the law firm of a lawyer she granted a lucrative appointment to back when she was attorney general). Heitkamp even set up a special campaign fund to serve as a landing