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Guest Post: Access to Quality Dental Care Can Be Improved by Supporting Dental Therapy

Guest Post: Access to Quality Dental Care Can Be Improved by Supporting Dental Therapy

This guest post was submitted by Dr. Joanne Luger, a Bismarck-based dentist, and Emily Mallory, a Dental Hygienist in Grand Forks and President of the North Dakota Dental Hygienists’ Association. Did you know that more than 1 in 4 North Dakota 3rd graders have untreated tooth decay – and that nearly 97,000 North Dakotans live

Senator Oley Larsen: Dental Therapy Is Working in Minnesota, Why Not North Dakota?

This guest post was submitted by state Senator Oley Larsen, a Republican representing District 3 in Minot. I recently had the chance to visit with University of Minnesota faculty and tour dental businesses in our neighboring state that are teaching dental therapy and using dental therapists. And to be brief, it’s working! This free market

Michael Hamilton: Dental Therapists Would Fill North Dakota’s Care Cavity

North Dakota’s dentistry laws have a cavity legislators can easily fill in 2017. State lawmakers should seize the opportunity this legislative session to expand access to oral health care for underserved patients by allowing dentists to hire midlevel practitioners termed “dental therapists.” They can do this by passing House Bill 1256. More than 66,000 North

Michael Hamilton: Time for North Dakota to End Dental Therapy Prohibition

There was standing room only by 8:40 a.m. in a North Dakota House Human Services Committee hearing that started on January 18 at 9:00 a.m. and ran past noon, more than 90 minutes overschedule, as experts made their cases for and against a bill to allow midlevel providers called dental therapists to practice in the