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Plain Talk: Lawmaker Makes the Case for Using Legacy Fund to Abolish North Dakota’s Income Tax

Plain Talk: Lawmaker Makes the Case for Using Legacy Fund to Abolish North Dakota’s Income Tax

State Rep. Craig Headland, a Republican from Montpelier and Chairman of the House Committee on Finance and Taxation, has introduced legislation to use earnings from North Dakota’s multi-billion dollar Legacy Fund to eliminate the income tax. Both the personal and corporate taxes would be eliminated under his plan. Also Dr. Joanne Luger, a Bismarck-based Dentist,

Senator Oley Larsen: Dental Therapy Is Working in Minnesota, Why Not North Dakota?

This guest post was submitted by state Senator Oley Larsen, a Republican representing District 3 in Minot. I recently had the chance to visit with University of Minnesota faculty and tour dental businesses in our neighboring state that are teaching dental therapy and using dental therapists. And to be brief, it’s working! This free market

Video: Legislature Sides With Dentists, Defeats Bill Allowing Expanded Practice

“I urge you to trust your dentists and vote no.” That’s what Rep. Jim Kasper (R-Fargo) said at the conclusion of the floor debate in the House today over HB1256. That bill, introduced by Rep. Bill Devlin (R-Finley), would have allowed for expanded practice in the area of dentistry. Expanded practice has become a pretty

During Meeting Regulatory Board Member Slams Lawmakers, Says “Not Qualified” to Make Laws on Dentistry

The battle over legislation to allow a license for dental therapists, people who would be qualified to do some of the procedures dentists currently do, has been bruising over the past couple of legislative session. The state’s dentists hate the idea, and last legislative session landed themselves in hot water when they used their regulatory

Legislature Should Approve Dental Therapists

For the second legislative session in a row North Dakota lawmakers have been engaged in a debate over licensing dental therapists. The therapists would be trained professionals who can perform a limited number of tasks some of which are currently only allowed to be performed by dentists. Things like tooth extractions, for instance. The argument