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Local Governments On A Spending Spree After State Bails Out Property Taxes

If you’re wondering why the North Dakota Chamber of Commerce has taken to the media to plead with local leaders to cut property tax mills, allowing property tax bills to actually be lowered for once, this is why: After the State of North Dakota appropriated nearly $900 million to buying down property taxes, local governments

Fargo City Officials Upset That Legislature Wasn't Sufficiently Deferential To Them

Anyone who follows North Dakota politics closely is familiar with the term “Imperial Cass.” This sprung out of the tendency of officials in the state’s most populous county, home to the state’s largest city Fargo, ought to get their way at the expense of the rest of the state. The term is an old one

Fargo Police Chief Calls For Assault Weapons Ban

Fargo Police Chief Keith Ternes must not have a firm grasp on what’s actually happening at the legislature in Bismarck. In blasting HB1183, introduced by Rep. Roscoe Streyle and aimed at preventing any state support for new federal gun control laws, Ternes claimed that most law enforcement in the state would oppose the bill: FARGO