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Meg Morley: “I Know That There Is No Place for Me Anymore in the Democratic Party”

Meg Morley: “I Know That There Is No Place for Me Anymore in the Democratic Party”

This guest post was submitted by Grand Forks attorney Meg Morley. You can read her blog here. It’s clear to anyone who knows me at all that I am a complete nerd. I’m a history nerd, a comic book nerd, a grammar nerd, a law nerd, and a politics nerd. Those categories are just the

Fargo City Officials Upset That Legislature Wasn't Sufficiently Deferential To Them

Anyone who follows North Dakota politics closely is familiar with the term “Imperial Cass.” This sprung out of the tendency of officials in the state’s most populous county, home to the state’s largest city Fargo, ought to get their way at the expense of the rest of the state. The term is an old one

Republicans Need To Stop Letting Democrats Define Compassion In Dollars

The Fargo Forum had a review of the first half of the legislative session up this weekend, under the ridiculous headline “GOP progress is problem for Dems in North Dakota Legslature [sic]”. Glad to see the Forum casting the first half of the session in terms of what was good and not good for Democrats.

North Dakota Democrats Duck Questions About Gun Control

Earlier in the legislative session North Dakota Democrats rushed to the floor of the state House to pull a couple of anti-gun control bills – a ban on “assault weapons” as well as high-capacity magazines. Basically, two laws that closely mirror the Democrat push for gun control nationally. The move telegraphed to everyone paying attention

Heidi Heitkamp Noticeably Absent From List Of "Red-State Democrats" Planning To Stand Up To Obama

If there was one bedrock foundation in Heidi Heitkamp’s campaign for the US Senate in North Dakota, it was the idea that she was “independent.” That she’d go to Washington DC and stand up to President Obama and the liberal wing of her national party. In fact, Heitkamp campaigned so far to the right that