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Doug Leier: Your Deer Hunting Questions Answered

Doug Leier: Your Deer Hunting Questions Answered

Every year the North Dakota Game and Fish Department receives questions from deer hunters who want to clarify rules and regulations. Some common questions are listed below. What is the proper procedure for tagging a deer? The law says upon taking possession of your deer you need to immediately tag it. Cut out the date

Doug Leier: Be Aware Of North Dakota's New ID Requirements For Deer Licenses

A new law that requires a North Dakota driver’s license number or state-issued photo identification number for most people to buy a resident hunting or fishing license, went into effect April 1. Since this new law directly affects the deer license application process that will take place over the next month, it’s a good time

Doug Leier: Wildlife Managers Will Consider Public Comment Before Allocating Deer Licenses

Most of us would already assume that April is a busy month for fisheries biologists, as ice-out brings pike spawning, then walleye spawning and initiation of all the other management work that corresponds to open water. Perhaps not so well known is that April is also a busy month for big game biologists, as they