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North Dakota Marijuana Activist Warns Against Using Marijuana Vaping Products

North Dakota Marijuana Activist Warns Against Using Marijuana Vaping Products

Last night David Owen called me and said he wanted to speak out about the dangers of marijuana vaping products. Owen is one of the organizers behind Legalize ND, a citizen group which backed a ballot measure to legalize recreational marijuana in North Dakota last year. His group is readying another proposal for the ballot

Plain Talk: Legalize ND Organizer Explains New Proposal to Make Recreational Marijuana Legal

David Owen, one of the organizers behind Legalize ND, discusses his group’s new proposal to make recreational marijuana legal in North Dakota. It’s a very different proposal, with a lot more restrictions, compared to what the group proposed during the 2018 election cycle. Owen also explained why his group is continuing to pursue expungement for

Plain Talk: Legalize ND Spokesman Doesn’t See Rival Ballot Measure as Competition

There is some fracturing going on in the pro-marijuana movement in North Dakota, but on this episode of Plain Talk a spokesman for Legalize ND says he doesn’t see the new group as competition. “Their sponsoring committee looks more like a penitentiary,” David Owen told me, referring to the number of serious crimes members of

Plain Talk: Activist Says ND Legislature Has Shown “No Interest in Having an Adult Conversation About Marijuana”

On this episode of Plain Talk, marijuana activist David Owen says the Legislature killing a decriminalization bill was “shameful” because of the way it was done. “The civil asset forfeiture bill was given five hours” of time for testimony before the House Judiciary Committee, Owen told me. “We got 15 minutes.” “To give a bill

Podcast: The Arguments for and Against Legalizing Recreational Marijuana

David Owen from Legalize ND joined me on the radio show today to talk about his group’s ballot measure to legalize recreational marijuana which will likely be qualified for the ballot in November. Also Stutsman County Sheriff Chad Kaiser talks about why the law enforcement community opposes legalization. Here’s the full audio fo the show:

David Owen: A Solution For The Student Debt Problem

As many parents know, society and communities are facing a largely uphill battle when it comes to the costs of educating their children. As a direct result of increased lending power given to students, and federal subsidies, the cost of college education has skyrocketed in the past decade. Furthermore, student debt has continued to rise,