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North Dakota Legislative Trip Paid For By Controversial Islamic Group

I recently wrote a post about a trip to Turkey taken by a number of North Dakota legislators paid for by a group called the Turkish American Federation of the Midwest. In speaking with some legislators who didn’t take they trip, they told me that it was organized through what some described as an odd

Summer Trips For North Dakota Politicians: Legitimate Official Business, Or Expenses-Paid Vacations?

It’s summer time, and for most American families that means vacation time. The weather is warm, the kids are out of school, and it’s time for some travel. Even for our political leaders, it seems, who have taken a number of trips to exotic locations with the tab picked up by the taxpayer and/or special

The Lamest Argument You've Ever Heard For North Dakota's Constitutionally Protected Universities

One of the peculiarities of North Dakota’s system of universities is the fact that eight of the eleven campuses, and their locations, are mandated in the state constitution. Which means that no matter how poorly these universities might perform, no matter how few students actually attend them, they must exist per the law. On a