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Video: North Dakota Senate Votes Down Changes to State Law to Reflect Legality of Gay Marriage

Video: North Dakota Senate Votes Down Changes to State Law to Reflect Legality of Gay Marriage

Love it or hate it, same sex marriage is legal now in all fifty states thanks to a ruling of the U.S. Supreme Court. But today when the North Dakota State Senate attempted to pass SB2043, modifying state law to reflect that lawful marriage in our state is no longer just between a man and

Legislature Has Bill to Study and Propose Changes to North Dakota’s Initiated Measure Process

Before the 2017 legislative session is a bill, SB2135, which would initiate a study of the initiated measure and referendum processes. You can read the full bill below. It’s sponsored by Senator David Hogue, a Republican from Minot. Here’s the mandate it would give to the study commission: Per the bill, the commission would be

Bill Would Change North Dakota’s Laws to Reflect the New Reality of Legal Homosexual Marriage

In 2004 a constitutional amendment defining marriage in North Dakota as one man and one woman passed on the statewide ballot with 73 percent of the vote. That definition of marriage is reflected in a lot of places in the state code which refers to husbands and wives. But in 2017 we are living in

Western North Dakota Democrats Using Some Interesting Branding on Campaign Signs

One thing I’ve noticed about this election cycle is that there doesn’t seem to be near as many campaign yard signs as in previous cycles. At least not here in Minot. When I drive around town I see more signs for a couple of local judicial candidates than I do anything else, and really aren’t

North Dakotans Should Beware the Rise of Insta-Warrants

Earlier this week the U.S. Supreme Court struck down an odious DUI law passed by lawmakers in 2013 which criminalized the refusal of a warrantless blood test (warrantless breath tests were allowed to stand, despite a dissent from Justice Sonia Sotomayor, but that’s a subject for another post). It’s a good thing to require the

“Every Time There’s A Conduct People Don’t Like We Put A Criminal Penalty On It"

Over at Watchdog today I write about North Dakota’s prison problem, and our state’s top corrections official saying that we’re putting too many people in prison. “Every time there’s a conduct people don’t like we put a criminal penalty on it,” Department of Corrections director LeAnn Bertsch told me. “A lot of the time people

North Dakota Legislature Passes Bill Giving Students Some Due Process Rights

The last time I wrote about SB2150, a bill giving students the right to involve an attorney in some university disciplinary proceedings, the North Dakota University System was still fighting hard to water it down. They wanted remove from the bill language allowing for lawyers representing students to cross examine witnesses testifying against their clients.

North Dakota University System Still Fighting Due Process Rights For Students

The next time you hear a North Dakota University System official talking about how students are their priority, think about how hard the university system worked to oppose legal protections for students in campus proceedings. SB2150 is a bill giving North Dakota university students facing serious accusations some due process rights. It was inspired by

Rep. Dwight Keifert: We Need Concealed Carry To Protect Our Schools

I feel that we can pass a bill to allow trained personnel to conceal and carry in schools with the approval of the school board, hold a class one license, receive training similar to a resource officer, and work with local law enforcement. But the only way it will be implemented is if parents demand

Senator Hogue: With Measure 3, Legislature Wants To Avoid "Risks Of Doing Nothing"

Senator David Hogue of Minot appeared last night on Chris Berg’s 6:30 Point of View program. Senator Hogue was one of the sponsors of the legislation that became Measure 3 on the statewide ballot. For the uninitiated, if that measure passes it would amend the state constitution to remove the existing part-time State Board of