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On Television: Early Childhood Education Or Daycare?

On Television: Early Childhood Education Or Daycare?

On my weekly segment with Chris Berg last night on 6:30 Point of View we talked about the vote on the early childhood education bill yesterday in the House. Supporters of the bill keep dressing it up as academics – and they’re winning, because the bill passed though with diminished scope – but it’s hard

Did The House Just Pass An Early Childhood Education Bill Or Daycare Subsidies?

The House had a lengthy debate this morning about SB2151 which would provide subsidies for early childhood education programs around the state. The bill was interesting because, as it was originally introduced, it set up a sort of voucher program for preschool. Parents choosing a preschool program would get for their child a voucher to

Matt Evans: Anti-Common Core Activists Should Take Heart In What They've Accomplished

HB1461, the repeal of common core in ND, has failed. The first thing I’d like you to do is watch the video of the floor speeches immediately before the vote on HB1461. It’s a long video.  You only need to watch the first two representatives – Schreiber-Beck and Olson. The first speaker – the bill