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Craig Hertsgaard: The Dead Aren't Worth It

Craig Hertsgaard: The Dead Aren't Worth It

The Army Corps says the cost to protect the graves of those buried in cemeteries upstream of the diversion project is $14 million, and it’s not worth it. The proposed Fargo diversion will cause those cemeteries to flood. They’re wrong, and it’s sad. They have already paid more than $10 million for a clubhouse at

Governor Dalrymple Got It Right on Fargo Diversion

Governor Jack Dalrymple got it right when he said “we will match state dollars with federal and local cost shares.” The governor was speaking of what the state was willing to do to support the proposed Fargo Diversion project. Dalrymple was pulled into the most recent fray between the Diversion Authority (DA) and the State

Craig Hertsgaard: Fargo Using Oil Tax Revenues Like An ATM

Who needs a pipeline to move oil field benefits from the west? Fargo diversion backers have concocted a scheme to turn the state’s oil and agriculture bounty into a giant ATM machine. Fargo’s diversion cost estimate is about $2 billion. It’s a sure bet the federal government will contribute little or nothing to this project