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Harold Hamm Still Betting On North Dakota

Harold Hamm Still Betting On North Dakota

With oil prices falling there’s been a lot of doom and gloom about North Dakota. The state got an ugly new tax revenue forecast earlier this week, and stories which used to tout the state’s plentiful jobs and rising incomes have been replaced by stories like these. The boom is, without a question, over. Now

North Dakota's Biggest Oil Player Cuts $1 Billion In Bakken Expenditures For 2015

So far Governor Jack Dalrymple has been putting a brave face on for the sake of his aggressive 2015-2017 spending budget which assumes oil prices over $70 per barrel. But the oil price rout continues, and now the biggest player in oil development in North Dakota just announced a significant rig reduction and cut in

Bakken Hits 1 Billion Barrels Of Cumulative Production

Just got this press release from Continental Resources, Harold Hamm’s company which is one of the biggest players in North Dakota’s oil fields. According to data from IHS, the Bakken’s cumulative oil production reached the billion barrel mark in the First Quarter of 2014. “This milestone validates the immense potential of the Bakken field and

Schafer Column: Raising The Cost Of Oil Production In North Dakota Is A Bad Idea

I always find it interesting how Republican Senators can figure out ways to raise revenues when we have a huge surplus and don’t need the dough. Case in point, state Senator Dwight Cook’s proposal for oil tax reform. Here are some thoughts: The E&P companies will be required to withhold income taxes for royalty owners