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Grand Forks City Hall, 255 N. 4th St. Sam Easter / Grand Forks Herald

Guest Post: The Grand Forks City Council Didn’t Let Citizens Speak Before Deciding to Ax Columbus Day

Guest Post: The Grand Forks City Council Didn’t Let Citizens Speak Before Deciding to Ax Columbus Day

This guest post was submitted by Dr. Kevin Fire of Grand Forks One thing that city governments have traditionally encouraged is public participation in the political process. That is, unless the topic about which there may be discussion  might anger the left. As a case in point, last Monday, the City Council in Grand Forks

Courtney Davis Souvannasacd and her niece, Niska Kempenich, speak in support of a resolution that would replace Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples Day at the Grand Forks City Council on Monday. photo by Eric Hylden/Grand Forks Herald

When It Comes to Columbus Day, We Can’t Add Through Subtraction

“As another example of the liberal cesspool the city of Grand Forks is becoming, the Committee of the Whole voted unanimously last night to replace Christopher Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples Day,” a reader emailed me today, asking me to write about it. “I am floored.” He’s right. “City Council members, acting as the city’s

A worker removes red paint from the hand of a Christopher Columbus statue in Central Park in New York, Sept. 12, 2017. The 1892 bronze statue was found covered with graffiti, its hands painted red. Statues of the 15th-century explorer have come under scrutiny amid a larger debate about monuments to controversial historical figures. (Dave Sanders/The New York Times Copyright 2017)

The Roots of Anti-Columbus Day Activism May Surprise You

I’ll admit that I don’t care much about Columbus Day. I think the explorer himself is a fascinating historical figure, and his accomplishments (along with their ramifications both good and bad) worthy of study, but a federal holiday? Do you think any of the workers off today are spending their time boning up on Columbian

Willard Yellow Bird, cultural planner for the City of Fargo, performs a blessing ceremony Monday, Oct. 12, 2015, at City Square, Fargo, prior to a petition at the City Commission meeting to recognize each second Monday of October as Indigenous Peoples Day. Michael Vosburg / Forum News Service

Don’t Replace Columbus Day, Expand It

Last year the City of Fargo chose to replace their municipal recognition of Columbus Day – still a federal holiday – with Indigenous Peoples Day. Reporter Tu-Uyen Tran writes about the city’s first celebration under the new order. His headlines – “Instead of Columbus Day, Fargo will mark Monday as Indigenous Peoples Day” – illustrates

Fargo Bans Columbus Day

In a resolution passed 4-1 last night which describes the Columbus expedition to America as “brutal history,” the Fargo City Commission banned Columbus Day and replaced it with Indigenous Peoples Day. Columbus is “somebody that doesn’t deserve any recognition,” Commissioner Mike Williams is quoted as saying. One of the supporters of the change – Don Warne, director