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Number Of Women As Top Household Earners Growing, Birth Rates Falling

Number Of Women As Top Household Earners Growing, Birth Rates Falling

According to a Pew study, women are becoming the top income earners in an increasing number of households. Part of that increase is due to an increase in single mother households – not a positive for our society – but what’s interesting is that the number of married women who are the top income earners

Cramer: New Federal Fracking Rules Would "Threaten The Nature Of Our Thriving Energy Economy"

The Obama administration unveiled today a draft of the first ever federal regulation of hydraulic fracturing. The Interior Department unveiled a revised proposal Thursday to regulate the oil-and-gas development known as “fracking” when it occurs on federal and Indian lands. It’s Interior’s second swing at the delayed rules for hydraulic fracturing after the department in

North Dakota's Higher Ed Problems Don't End With Hamid Shirvani

The Fargo Forum editorial board has called on embattled Chancellor Hamid Shirvani to resign. Today the Grand Forks Herald says Shirvani ought to apologize for his management style to date. Shirvani can certainly be polarizing. He is blunt and not always very politically savvy (which is an odd criticism of him coming as it does

In North Dakota Women Are A Lot More Likely To Graduate Than Men

The public perception of women in education is that men have the advantage, and that women need special programs and assistance to make up for disadvantages and inequalities. The problem is, it seems to be women who have the advantage in higher education over men. Earlier this week I wrote about the growing disparity between

Less Than 42% Of 2013 College Grads Are Male

Professor Mark Perry points out a troubling gender gap in this year’s crop of college graduates. Setting aside for a moment the fact that the higher education bubble is sending far too many kids off to college to get increasingly watered-down degrees in exchange for exploding levels of student loan debt, the fact that there’s

In 40 Out Of 50 States The Highest Paid Public Official Is A Coach

This inforgraphic from Deadspin represents a pretty said commentary on the state of our priorities. In 40 out of the 50 states, the highest paid person on the public’s payroll is a university athletics coach. Also worth noting is that in 100% of the states, the highest paid public official is someone in higher ed:

North Dakota Is Way Out On A Limb On Higher Education

Michael Barone has a fantastic column today in National Review which contains a succinct timeline for America’s higher education bubble. What should be scary for North Dakotans is that the state’s approach to higher education is emblematic of every single one of these problems. For instance, Barone mentions the practice of packing campuses by giving

Student Lobbyist Pumping Legislators For Criticism Of Shirvani In Advance Of Board Meeting

Student lobbyist Robert Vallie (yes, the college kids have their own lobbyist) has sent out an email by way of former legislator Jim Roers (President and CEO of Roers Construction in Fargo) asking legislators for input into embattled Chancellor Hamid Shirvani’s self-evaluation (read it here). Vallie doesn’t specifically ask for criticism, but given that he