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Wind Power Is a Sacred Cow Ripe for Slaughter, but a Tax Is the Wrong Way to Do It

Wind Power Is a Sacred Cow Ripe for Slaughter, but a Tax Is the Wrong Way to Do It

There is a lot of very bad public policy surrounding wind power. One example is the massive, market-distorting wind power production credit. An unfortunate amount of wind power’s market share is built on this subsidy. Another example is the preference the wind industry gets when selling their power to the grid. Currently politically popular power sources

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The Obama Administration’s Clean Power Plan Is Unnecessary

“Most states on track to meet emissions targets they call burden, but not North Dakota” That was a headline from Reuters over the weekend what detailed how many states (but not, you know, North Dakota) are on track to comply with the Obama administration’s Clean Power Plan even as some of those states are suing over

Jason Bohrer: Polling Shows the People Support Clean Coal

The benefits of coal-based electricity to North Dakota include low electricity costs for homes and businesses, more than 14,000 jobs in the state, and $100 million in annual tax revenues. The coal industry makes our lives better every day, so it’s no wonder the Lignite Energy Council’s newest poll shows voters strongly support coal as

Megan Babel: North Dakota’s Falkirk Mine Leads the Nation in Drone-Based Mine Surveying Techniques

It takes imagination to look at a new, mostly recreational-based technology and make a connection to its use in the coal mining industry, but the Technical Group at North American Coal’s Falkirk Mining Company did just that. Their vision helped the Falkirk Mine become the nation’s first surface coal mine to operate a survey drone

Market-Distorting, Wind-Friendly Public Policy Needs to Go

The closing of the Stanton Station coal plant in central North Dakota has clearly struck a nerve in the state. This despite the fact that the plant was small, old, and not one that was providing base load power for the region. It got the attention of our Public Service Commission, the folks in charge

Mike Jones: North Dakota Leads in Clean Coal Technology

As the United States and countries throughout the world seek ways to reduce man-made CO2 emissions, the state of North Dakota will be a leader in finding a solution for low-rank coals such as lignite while continuing to supply affordable and reliable electricity. North Dakota has several unique characteristics: A state-industry R&D partnership with a

Kevin Cramer: Donald Trump Has the Right Energy Policies for North Dakota

During the  2008 presidential election,  Mr. Obama made clear his intentions to bankrupt the coal industry.  During the past eight years in office, the President has systematically implemented a regulatory playbook that seeks to force utilities to stop burning coal, keep coal producers from mining, and restrict access to global coal markets.  All to achieve

Jason Bohrer: When It Comes To Coal The United States Needs To Lead

This Administration’s “War on Coal” seems a misguided way to lead the world when it comes to tomorrow’s energy sources. Countries around the world are increasingly looking at coal because it is the cheapest source of fuel that can be used to produce low-cost electricity, a key component of a modern and progressive society. Rather