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Comparing The Transgender Bathroom Issue To The Civil Rights Movement Is Dumb

Comparing The Transgender Bathroom Issue To The Civil Rights Movement Is Dumb

“If it wasn’t for the federal government, we would still have slavery, lynchings, Jim Crow laws, and bans against same-sex marriage,” Fargo Forum columnist Jim Shaw wrote recently. “The transgender bathroom debate is a phony bologna issue that local politicians need to speak out about, but they won’t because this is an election year.” There is

Matt Evans: SB2279 Will Pass Eventually

SB2279 failed this time, but it’s going to pass eventually. Here’s why.  SB2279 is really about a fight that most people conceded decades ago.  It’s about a fight few will name and fewer want to have.  So, most opponents of SB2279 are trying to fight this specific bill, while fundamentally agreeing with the underlying ideology

From The Left: There Is A Long History Of Allowing Religious Organizations To Discriminate

Last  weekend, Rob ran a post in which he asked “If Discrimination Isn’t A North Dakota Value, Why Does Anti-Discrimination Bill Allow It? I respect, even though I disagree with, Rob’s libertarian view on anti-discrimination laws. It is not my intention to get into a tit for tat with Rob regarding the need for this

On Television: Hoping For MLK's Color Blind Society

Last night Chris Berg invited me to participate in a round table discussion about race and the civil rights movement, which are good topics for Martin Luther King day obviously. Part one is above, you can watch part two here. It was an interesting discussion (I found some common ground with left-wing activist Cindy Gomez

President Obama Is Asking For Trust In A Government That Hasn't Earned It

If there’s one thing we’ve learned about government, it’s that the power it has tends to get abused. We can talk about recent scandals (the IRS targeting conservatives) or old ones (the IRS targeting Nixon’s enemies, the spying on the civil rights movement, etc., etc.), but we know it happens. So it’s cold comfort when

Who Need More Government Surveillance In An Age Where We're All Watching Each Other?

As is always the case when something like the Boston Marathon bombing happens, we’re going to have a debate about what changes to public policy are necessary to prevent something like that from happening again. That’s appropriate, but most of the proposed changes will be knee-jerk responses that will likely do little to make us

In Most Of North Dakota Federal Agents Can Search Your Phone Without A Warrant

A new report from the Department of Homeland Security is asserting the right of immigration and border patrol officials to execute “suspicionless and warrantless” searches of electronic devices (cell phones, laptops, tablets, etc.) within their jurisdiction, which extends 100 miles into the United States from our international borders and coast lines. A glance at this

Should North Dakota Name A Street After Martin Luther King?

The Fargo Forum has a story about failed efforts in the past to rename a street or bridge after civil rights icon Martin Luther King, Jr. The proponents of doing so, while quick to suggest that North Dakotans aren’t necessarily racist, it proves that they don’t sufficiently “identify” with King. The whole thing seems a