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Tony Gehrig: Needs Versus Wants on the Performing Arts Center

Tony Gehrig: Needs Versus Wants on the Performing Arts Center

Monday night, the Fargo City Commission voted 3-2 to reconvene a small group of government leaders and community stake holders to pin down the concept and price of what could be a performing arts center on the site of what is currently the Civic Center. At this meeting, I was compelled to state the obvious:

Video: HBO’s John Oliver Mocks Fargo’s Decision to Give Economic Incentives to FedEx

The City of Fargo made a big mistake when they agreed to FedEx $660,000 in tax incentives to move a facility to their community from Grand Forks. Not only was this a problematic move given that Fargo was essentially using economic development largess to poach a company from another North Dakota city (yes, that’s exactly

Commissioner Piepkorn Defends His Letter on Economic Incentives, Calls Commissioner Gehrig “A Huge Disappointment”

There is a hot debate over economic incentives happening down in the Legislature right now, but an even hotter debate has erupted among Fargo city leaders over who should get to say what about that issue. Earlier this month Fargo City Commissioner Tony Gehrig was raked over the coals by critics because he, along with

Much Ado About Letterhead: What Is the Fargo Forum So Afraid Of?

“Gehrig violates trust” That was the headline of a Fargo Forum editorial published online yesterday which chastised City Commissioner Tony Gehrig for sending a letter to state lawmakers on City of Fargo letterhead. Bismarck City Commissioner Steve Marquardt co-signed the letter which was critical of tax incentive programs. The commissioners argued that these programs are

Left-Wing Fargo City Commissioner Melissa Sobolik Has An Ethics Problem

Fargo has created a public art commission. Setting aside that objectionable choice in policy – I can’t imagine anything draining the soul from art like government involvement – a member of the City Commission who was instrumental in setting up the program has an employment interest at stake. Commissioner Melissa Sobolik spearheaded the city’s public art task

Prosecutors Drop Charges Against NDSU Linebacker Initially Charged With Aggravated Assault

Cass County State’s Attorney Birch Burdick announced today that they are dropping charges for aggravated assault against NDSU linebacker Travis Beck. After explaining that they initially filed their charges based on eyewitness accounts, he said that after further police investigation including interviews and further review of videos it became clear that they couldn’t support a

Majority Leader Al Carlson Agrees To Amendments To Controversial Flood Diversion Bill

The issue of flood diversion for the City of Fargo is hugely controversial. The citizens of Fargo want to divert flood waters to other people’s property so that they’re not stuck with the risk of a hugely disruptive and expensive flood fight every year. Citizens outside Fargo don’t want the flood waters sent to their

Why Doesn't North Dakota Track Welfare Funds?

Occasionally we are treated to news stories like this one which detail the use of government welfare funds – programs like TANF or food stamps – being used in inappropriate ways, such as in strip clubs or for alcohol. I was interested in doing a similar story here in North Dakota. After all, these stories