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Guest Post: Reviewing Matt Damon's Promised Land

Guest Post: Reviewing Matt Damon's Promised Land

In Promised Land, Steve (Matt Damon) was sent to a small, poor town to lease land to drill for natural gas.  He’s the company’s golden boy who knows how to charm local residents into leasing their minerals.  His job proves to be easy at first, but trouble waits. After Steve pays $30,000 cash to buy the

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Cartoon of the Day – NRO Home page Let’s Give Up on the Constitution- NYT editorial –Oh, yeah! As if Obama hadn’t already! Remember when Obama said Al-Qaeda was defeated? So guess who’s running Mali now? ‘Gun Control Fails,’ Say Statistics from … Gun-Control Advocates NJ Man Shoots Three Officers Inside Police Station Islamists Enter

Schafer Column: North Dakota's Lesson For Solving The Deficit Problem

North Dakota was just rated as the “Best Run State in America”, and there are lessons to be learned as we approach our financial problems in the federal government. President Obama pushes tax increases to solve the outrageous deficit problem facing our country and says “the majority of Americans agree with my approach.” David Axlerod