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Print Column: We Are Regulating Young Families Out of Our State

Print Column: We Are Regulating Young Families Out of Our State

MINOT, N.D. — Generations of politicians in North Dakota have struggled to address a consistent problem facing our state. How do we get our young people to stay here? How do we get young people to move here to alleviate our chronic workforce shortages? Short of playing host to an oil boom, which did reverse

Given the Bureaucratic Nightmare Day Care Centers Must Deal With, Is It Any Wonder We Have a Shortage?

Last month I wrote a print column about the incompetent, Kafkaesque bureaucracy the child care industry in our state is confronted with and whether or not it contributes to our region’s chronic child care shortages. The problems with the bureaucracy are manifest. Today the Grand Forks Herald notes that the “North Dakota Department of Health

Parents: We Oppose Revocation of Our Daycare’s License

This letter, submitted for publication by the signatories including every parent with a child at Curious Kids Childcare, oppose the state’s removal of that business’ child care license. A PDF of their letter, including their signatures, is below. We, the parents of children attending Curious Kids Childcare, are at odds with the State’s decision to

Print Column: Are Capricious State Regulators Contributing to ND’s Child Care Shortage?

MINOT, N.D.—One of the most bedeviling problems facing the great state of North Dakota are chronic labor shortages, as generations of policymakers can attest. A factor in labor shortages is a paucity of services such as child care. Contributing to the child care shortage, perhaps, is a regulatory regime for care providers which is both

Guest Post: Fargo Child Care Ordinance is Overreach

In May, I warned that the city was planning on wedging itself between you, your child, and your daycare provider. On June 23rd, the Fargo City Commission did just that using the consent agenda to pass the “Ordinance Relating to Child Care Centers”. No second reading, no public debate, not even Commissioner comments. Five commissioners,

Number Of Women As Top Household Earners Growing, Birth Rates Falling

According to a Pew study, women are becoming the top income earners in an increasing number of households. Part of that increase is due to an increase in single mother households – not a positive for our society – but what’s interesting is that the number of married women who are the top income earners

State Of Minnesota To Allow Forced Unionization Of Private Care Providers

The State of Minnesota has pushed through legislation defining private personal and child care providers as state employees, thus allowing them to be unionized. Governor Mark Dayton had previously tried to accomplish this with an executive order, but that was struck down by the courts. How do these people qualify as state employees? Because some

Republican Legislative Leadership: We're Compassionate, Look At How Much Money We Spent!

In the Grand Forks Herald today House Majority Leader Al Carlson, and Senate Majority Leader Rich Wardner, have a column outlining what they see as the highlights of the 2013 legislative session. It’s a little hard to read, what with the championing of phony-baloney property tax relief and aggressive spending, but this passage in particular

ND House Shoots Down $13 Million Child Care Subsidy

Today the state House debate amendments to HB1422, which is a bill related to child care services. North Dakota has a serious problem with shortages in child care services. There aren’t enough day cares to provide services for the influx of families and workers to the state, and new day cares are having a hard