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Industry-Backed Study Concludes That Bakken Oil Isn't More Dangerous To Ship

Industry-Backed Study Concludes That Bakken Oil Isn't More Dangerous To Ship

The North Dakota Petroleum Council has released their final study into the volatility of Bakken crude oil. With environmental activists in North Dakota and elsewhere referring to trains hauling Bakken crude as “bomb trains,” this is a pretty important issue. “This study provides the most thorough and comprehensive analysis of crude oil quality from a

I'm Not Sure Tyler Axness Actually Knows What The Public Service Commission Does

Yesterday we got news that, about a month away from their state convention, Democrats got just their second statewide candidate. State Senator Tyler Axness, who is in his first term representing the newly-created District 16 in Fargo, is announcing a campaign for the Public Service Commission today. I’m told that Axness will be challenging Julie

Wall Street Journal: Bakken Oil Is Perhaps Most Volatile In The World

With explosive train derailments much in the headlines of late, the volatility of Bakken crude oil has become an issue. The feds are seeking data from the oil industry, which is reluctant to feed the idea that Bakken oil makes transport unsafe, but the Wall Street Journal did their own analysis. According to the results, Bakken

Glawe Column: Are All NTSB Recommendations For Rail Safety Plausible?

Sitting inside Urban Stampede, at the intersection of 4th and Kittson in downtown Grand Forks, one can easily imagine what it would look like. The cars roll slowly through the intersection as motorists wait for the mechanical arms that guard the railroad tracks to rise, signalling the go-ahead. Among the payload are the coal black

Kingsbury Column: Train Derailment Brings Out Luddites In North Dakota

I assume Say Anything readers know who Luddites were. Even today every time some industry or area tries to move to the next level of industrialization we find out that not all the Luddites were captured or killed in their time. Today they have chosen North Dakota as their battleground. It has gotten so absurd

NTSB Report Implicates Oil Cars In Casselton Derailment

The initial report from the National Transportation Safety Board is out regarding the explosive train derailment near Casselton. The full report is below, but here are a few facts: The derailment spilled roughly 400,000 gallons of oil. That’s about 12,698 barrels which is a little more than half the size of the Tesoro oil pipeline

What If The Bakken Oil Boom Was Already Slowing Down?

In one of those turn of events in politics that nobody could have predicted, North Dakota Republican Party Chairman Robert Harms managed to turn himself into a hero for Democrats by calling for regulation of the oil industry to slow down production. Harms’ comments gave North Dakota Democrats the political cover they needed to express

On Television: Instead Of Slowing Down The Oil Boom, Why Not Grow With It?

Valley News Live – KVLY/KXJB – Fargo/Grand Forks Last night I was on Valley News Live’s 6:30 Point of View program with Chris Berg talking about the recent controversy over comments made by NDGOP Chairman Robert Harms regarding the Casselton trail derailment. Harms’ comments were reported as a suggested “slow down” of the oil boom,

Oil Train Derailments "Raising Eyebrows On Wall Street"

If there was any doubt that the build-out of pipeline infrastructure is of vital importance for North Dakota and the Bakken oil fields, consider that the recent derailments of trains carrying Bakken crude haven’t gone unnoticed on Wall Street (via Aaron Flint): Recent accidents involving crude oil being shipped from the Bakken area of North