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North Dakota Needs Better Campaign Disclosure Laws

North Dakota Needs Better Campaign Disclosure Laws

Over the weekend reporter Tu-Uyen Tran published a really, really good look at North Dakota’s far-too-lax campaign disclosure laws in the context of the very heated, and very expensive gubernatorial primary fight between Republicans Wayne Stenehjem and Doug Burgum. The impression Tran’s report should leave is that North Dakota’s campaign disclosure laws simply aren’t good

Why Not Require Full Campaign Disclosure From North Dakota Politicians?

“A new North Dakota State University study argues North Dakota’s campaign finance laws have a ‘blind spot’ that could be hindering the transparency of its elections,” reports John Hageman for the Fargo Forum today. “North Dakota law only requires campaign committees to report the names and organizations that have contributed more than $200, and not for those

Should Foreign Contributions To State Candidates Be Illegal?

Yesterday I flagged some contributions from a Canadian citizen (Leo Ledohowski, the owner of the Canad Inns hotel chain) to state Senator Lonnie Laffen who represents the Grand Forks area. This evening the Grand Forks Herald picked up the story, noting that Senator Laffen defends the contributions and even checked with Secretary of State Al Jaeger

John Dorso: On Campaign Finance, Citizens Only Care Where The Money Comes From

For twenty plus years I have watched North Dakota Democrat legislators introduce bills dealing with campaign finance.  During the same time period I am not aware that there ever was a proven case of a Republican being convicted of the fraud that the minority thinks exists. If there is a need to pass legislation it

North Dakota Needs More And Better Campaign Finance Reporting Requirements

We’re into the final weeks of the election cycle, and and not surprisingly there’s a lot of scrutiny on the candidates and measures on the ballot. Part of that scrutiny is looking at where the candidates and measure committees are getting their money. Unfortunately, thanks to North Dakota’s loose reporting requirements, it’s hard to get

Democrats Attack Private Citizen For Hosting Fundraiser For A Republican

Earlier today it was announced that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg would be holding a fundraiser for Republican Governor Chris Christie. I haven’t really been paying attention, but apparently Zuckerberg has always been rather private about his politics. This is the first public indication on which way he may lean. But more interesting than the fundraiser

ND House Passes Bill Aimed At Dalrymple Grand Jury Petition

In a sad spectacle, a group of seriously misguided political activists have been trying to get North Dakota Governor Jack Dalrymple indicted for bribery because he accepted and disclosed perfectly legal political contributions. These activists contend that Dalrymple, who is generally favorable to oil development in the state, accepted political contributions from individuals and PAC’s