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Senate Passes 324% Increase In Higher Ed Building Spending: "Enormous And Excessive"

Senate Passes 324% Increase In Higher Ed Building Spending: "Enormous And Excessive"

The Senate passed SB2003 to fund the colleges. It was a massive bill, which Senator Joe Miller (R-Park River) called “enormous and excessive,” that includes a 12% increase in on-going spending on the universities and a 324% increase in building funds. Senator Ralph Kilzer objected especially to the building projects. “That really bothers me to

Small Victories: OMB Budget Includes Allowance For Local Government Inclusion In Spending Database

Earlier this legislative session a bill introduced by Rep. Blair Thoreson requiring local governments to submit their budgets to the state for inclusion on the spending transparency website was defeated with opponents claiming, ludicrously, that such a thing would be too expensive and unnecessary. Because we all know the taxpayers don’t really like to know

Who Need More Government Surveillance In An Age Where We're All Watching Each Other?

As is always the case when something like the Boston Marathon bombing happens, we’re going to have a debate about what changes to public policy are necessary to prevent something like that from happening again. That’s appropriate, but most of the proposed changes will be knee-jerk responses that will likely do little to make us

North Dakota Senate Votes For Higher Education Status Quo

The North Dakota Senate today had before it HCR3047 which was introduced by House Majority Leader Al Carlson. In it is original form as passed by the House this amendment would have replaced the Chancellor and the State Board of Higher Education with a Director of the Department of Higher Education appointed to three-year terms

House Approves Amendments Paring Down Higher Ed Budget Growth

Earlier this week I posted about a dog fight pending in the House over amendments cutting down Governor Jack Dalrymple’s massive 38.7% budget increase. The reduction in higher ed spending the amendments mandate really doesn’t amount to much of a decrease. Higher education is still getting a windfall: But even a small reduction in the

House Readies For "Dog Fight" Over Amendments Reducing Higher Ed Budget Increase

Legislators are expecting some blood to be left on the floor tomorrow over amendments to higher ed budgets that one legislator told me is sure to set off a “dog fight.” What’s frustrating is that the fight in question is over what is really a modest reduction in spending growth on higher education. At the

North Dakota Professor Salaries Lagging According To Association Of Professors

According to the American Association of University Professors, professor pay at North Dakota’s top two universities ranks in the bottom 20% of the nation. Of course, groups such as the AAUP love to bully states into raising professor pay with these sort of “national average” statistics. Because the national average is the national average. The

Dorso Column: There's Still A Lot On The Plate For Legislators

There is still a lot of legislation to be debated in Bismarck. I doubt the abortion debate will moderate much over the next few months. I applaud the two men who have banded together, although of opposing views, to put the issues in front of the citizens of North Dakota. Once they have the Secy.