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Democrat Announces Campaign for North Dakota’s Public Service Commission

Democrat Announces Campaign for North Dakota’s Public Service Commission

A Democrat from central North Dakota has announced – way, way early – that he’s seeking a seat on the Public Service Commission. Casey Buchmann is from Washburn. He ran for the state House in 2016 in District 8 and earned just over 12 percent of the vote, coming in third among four candidates. He says

Members of the Public Service Commission Wearing “Fighting Sioux” Jerseys Is Hardly Scandalous

My colleague Mike McFeely sees scandal in a photo of Julie Fedorchak and Randy Christmann, collectively two-thirds of North Dakota’s Public Service Commission, wearing old “Fighting Sioux” jerseys from the University of North Dakota. Unless you’ve been living under a rock you know UND retired the nickname/logo after years of squabbling over its supposed offensiveness,

In Arguing for an Ethics Commission Former Democratic Lawmaker Embarrasses Himself

Former state Rep. Ed Gruchalla has a letter to the Fargo Forum today which is one of the most repugnant things I’ve ever seen a politician say or write publicly. And I’m writing that in the age of Trump. Gruchalla, a Democrat and retired law enforcement officer, was cast out of office by voters in 2014.

Kalk Will Be Leaving Public Service Commission Creating Opening for Burgum’s First Appointment

Yesterday I broke the news that Public Service Commissioner Brian Kalk was considering a job at the University of North Dakota’s Energy and Environmental Research Center. When I spoke to Kalk about the situation he said he had a press release prepared to go out as soon as he was formally offered the job. Well,

Public Service Commissioner Brian Kalk Has Applied for EERC Position, Would Leave Office if Selected

Public Service Commissioner Brian Kalk has applied for a position at the University of North Dakota’s Energy and Environmental Research Center and would leave office if hired. I spoke with Kalk this afternoon who said he applied for the position of Director of Energy Systems Development after the man who held that position, Mike Holmes,

It Seems More Probable Than Ever That Kevin Cramer Will Join the Trump Administration

For some time now Rep. Kevin Cramer, an early supporter of President-elect Donald Trump, has been poo-pooing the idea that he would get a cabinet position in Trump’s administration. But check out these comments Cramer gave to reporter Sam Easter after his meeting with the President-elect today: Cramer recounted the discussion to the Herald by

Market-Distorting, Wind-Friendly Public Policy Needs to Go

The closing of the Stanton Station coal plant in central North Dakota has clearly struck a nerve in the state. This despite the fact that the plant was small, old, and not one that was providing base load power for the region. It got the attention of our Public Service Commission, the folks in charge

A $3.78 Billion Bet On The Future Of The North Dakota Oil Fields Was Just Approved

With oil prices in the tank, and a rocky trail ahead for North Dakota’s economy as a result, there came today from the Public Service Commission a glimmer of hope. The Dakota Access Pipeline, which could take as much as 600,000 barrels of North Dakota oil per day out of the state, was just approved

Anne Krapu: "They That Govern The Most Make The Least Noise"

17th century British jurist John Selden once noted, “They that govern the most make the least noise.” With a firm lock on the state legislature, governor’s mansion, statewide offices, and two of three of North Dakota’s slots in Congress, the NDGOP is certainly doing the most governing of any entity in the state. And, aside

North Dakota Isn't Going To Be A Pressure Relief Valve For Minnesota's Green Energy Mandate

Government energy mandates are bad policy. They’re the product of politicians trying to impose their ideology on the real world, and they force energy companies to shift to energy sources like wind and solar which are more expensive and less reliable than fossil fuels. A recent example is Xcel Energy’s request for a rate hike