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Mayor “Discouraged” City Government Will Have to Start Holding Meetings Which Are Accessible to the Public

Mayor “Discouraged” City Government Will Have to Start Holding Meetings Which Are Accessible to the Public

I like Minot Mayor Shaun Sipma, though I’ll admit I was more enamored with him when he was candidate Sipma pushing for reforms in city government. Since becoming mayor, he’s spent far too much time serving city government as opposed to those who elected him. In particular, Sipma seems in the thrall of city manager

Plain Talk: Is It Ok to Treat People Differently Based on Their Race?

On this episode of Plain Talk, Lt. Governor Brent Sanford talks about a dispute between the executive branch and state lawmakers in Bismarck over revenue forecasts. Setting aside disagreements over spending policy, Sanford says lawmakers are manipulating revenue forecasts to hide money. Also, a New York Times columnist says it’s ok to treat people differently

Read It: State Auditor Report Says Burgum Administration Has Misused State Aircraft

Earlier this year news broke that Auditor Josh Gallion was reviewing Governor Doug Burgum’s administration’s use of state aircraft. This has earned Gallion some attacks in the press and elsewhere, yet some preliminary reports (such as Lt. Governor Brent Sanford being flown across the state for a coin flip) sure seemed to indicate that there

Flying the Lt. Governor Across the State for a Coin Flip Sure Seems Like a Cavalier Use of Taxpayer Resources

Last year Governor Doug Burgum found himself mired in criticism from my self and others stemming from his decision to accept a roughly $40,000 trip to the Super Bowl paid for by Xcel Energy, one of the largest utilities operating in our state (Burgum paid his own travel expenses and ultimately reimbursed Xcel for the

Audio: Republican Gov Candidate Doug Burgum Says He Doesn’t Know if Trump Is a Disaster, “I Guess We’ll See on Nov 8”

I had Republican gubernatorial candidate Doug Burgum on my radio show today. My first question for him was relevant to a post I wrote this morning about the Marvin Nelson campaign complaining that Burgum’s running mate wouldn’t debate. Apparently the University of Mary tried to schedule a debate between Nelson’s running mate, state Senator Joan

More Of This Please, Doug Burgum

Gubernatorial candidate Doug Burgum has doubled down (tripled down?) on his Obamacare-themed assault on his opponent, Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem. The Burgum campaign has even created an entire website dedicated to their argument that Stenehjem, who joined North Dakota to a multi-state lawsuit to overturn Obamacare, actually supports Obamacare because he sided with a group of

Doug Burgum's Running Mate Was Critical Of Him In Email, Calling Him An "IT Socialist" And "Not Very Business Friendly"

UPDATE: The Stenehjem campaign sends along the video clips above which are outtakes from scenes Sanford recorded for them. They say they were recorded on March 19, about a week before Sanford emailed Streyle. Today Fargo businessman Doug Burgum, who will be seeking the NDGOP nomination for governor on the June primary ballot, announced a