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Shocker: After Lawmakers Shut Them Down, BreatheND Gave Employees a Massive Golden Parachute

Shocker: After Lawmakers Shut Them Down, BreatheND Gave Employees a Massive Golden Parachute

The Center for Tobacco Prevention and Control – you know them from their preachy, ubiquitous advertising as “BreatheND” – was an anti-tobacco state agency shut down by lawmakers earlier this year. Shut down because, as I wrote back in February, the agency wasn’t so much a public health initiative but a jobs program for political

Rep. Jon Nelson (R-Rugby) speaks against legislation closing down the anti-tobacco BreatheND agency.

Video: North Dakota House Votes to Shut Down BreatheND

Rep. Jon Nelson (R-Rugby) rose to speak on SB2024 today saying he was going to “eulogize” what he sees as “the most effective state agency” of his legislative tenure. The bill removes funding from the state’s Center for Tobacco Prevention and Control, which you know as BreatheND, and clearly Nelson knew which way the political

Senator Erin Oban speaks against legislation dissolving BreatheND, the State of North Dakota's anti-tobacco agency.

Video: Senate Votes to Kill BreatheND

The North Dakota Center for Tobacco Prevention and Control is a state agency you know better, from their obnoxiously preachy and almost ubiquitous advertising, as BreatheND. The agency was created back in 2008 by a ballot measure, and it was funded by a portion of our state’s settlement dollars from the class action lawsuits against

The End of BreatheND Is Nigh

The Center for Tobacco Prevention and Control – you know then as “BreatheND” – isn’t a public health initiative. It’s an employment program for anti-tobacco activists who enjoy some of the biggest salaries in state government for their job categories. The Center was created by voters on the 2008 ballot, but lawmakers have wanted to get

BreatheND Used as Sock Puppet by American Lung Association to Oppose Legislation

How would you feel about a group representing oil industry interests coordinating with the Department of Health to oppose legislation? Or maybe agriculture interests working with the Department of Agriculture? And not just working with, but literally being allowed to promote messaging under the banner of the state agency? I think most reasonable people would see

Is the Fight to Keep BreatheND About Public Health or Big Salaries for Bureaucrats?

North Dakota needs to find ways to save money. In his final budget address to the Legislature in December former Governor Jack Dalrymple proposed eliminating the Center for Tobacco Prevention and Control. You know them as BreatheND, purveyors of those obnoxious and pervasive anti-smoking ads. Yesterday Governor Doug Burgum proposed his own tweaks to Dalrymple’s

The logo for BreatheND which is the name used in advertising for the Center for Tobacco Prevention and Control, a North Dakota state agency created by voters on the 2008 ballot.

Governor Jack Dalrymple Proposes Closing Down BreatheND, North Dakota’s Tobacco Taliban

The “Tobacco Taliban” is what state lawmakers, in private moments, call the bureaucratic zealots at the Center for Tobacco Prevention and Control, a state agency created by an initiated measure in 2008 which you know better as BreatheND. The Legislature has disdained this state agency for years now. Back during the 2013 session the House

David Johnson, a member of the North Dakota Veterans Coordinating Council, unloads boxes filled with petition signatures for the tobacco tax initiative measure at the Secretary of State's office in the state Capitol Thursday morning in Bismarck. On the left is Kristie Wolff, with the American Lung Association in North Dakota and representing the Raise It for Health North Dakota group, is helped by LeAnn Oliver with the Secretary of State's office. Bismarck Tribune photo.

Audio: Measure 4 Opponent Says Cigarette Tax a Bad Way to Fund Veterans

One of the selling points of Measure 4 on the November ballot, which would hike taxes on cigarettes in North Dakota by 400 percent, is that some of the funding would go to veterans. In fact, per the fiscal impact statement for Measure 4 released by the Secretary of State’s office, if passed the measure

To Ease Budget Pain North Dakota Lawmakers Should Shut Down BreatheND

This afternoon Governor Jack Dalrymple is expected to call lawmakers back to Bismarck to address revenue shortfalls in the state budget. This is an extraordinary step demonstrative of the extraordinary fiscal position the state finds itself in. During the special session lawmakers will do some re-jiggering in the budget to get the state through the