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Ron Ness: BLM Rule Enables Waste Rather Than Preventing It

Ron Ness: BLM Rule Enables Waste Rather Than Preventing It

This guest post was submitted by Ron Ness, President of the North Dakota Petroleum Council. It’s now been nearly one year since the United States Senate had the opportunity to rescind an Obama-era regulation that aimed to prevent venting and flaring on public and tribal lands. In reality, this rule targeted North Dakota and the

Senator Heitkamp Played Politics and Ended up Giving Obama a Big Win for His Environmental Legacy

How has Senator Heidi Heitkamp managed to be the only Democrat elected on North Dakota’s statewide ballot since 2008? She invests a lot of time and energy posturing herself as a moderate who frequently dissents against the liberal orthodoxy of her fellow Democrats. A the policy area where she most often does this is energy,

Senator Heitkamp Sided With Her Party Over North Dakota

I’ve always thought that, when a politician casts a controversial vote, an explanation before that vote is cast is worth a lot more than a justification after the fact. In this op/ed column Senator Heidi Heitkamp does a lot of justifying of her recent vote against overturning an Obama era emissions rule which the state’s

North Dakota Oil Industry Calls Senator Heitkamp a Hypocrite

Earlier today I wrote about Senator Heidi Heitkamp indicating that she’d vote against a Congressional repeal for a BLM rule regulating methane emissions. These would be emissions that a) the EPA already regulates and b) the BLM has no authority to regulate. Anyway, Heitkamp did vote against repeal. In fact, she was the deciding vote.

Wow: Senator Heidi Heitkamp Says She’ll Vote to Keep Obama’s Duplicative, Harmful Methane Rule

UPDATE: The final Senate vote on this was 51-49. It failed. Had Heitkamp voted the other way the tie would have been settled in favor of passing the CRA with Vice President Pence’s vote. On his way out the door earlier this year former President Barack Obama committed an act of regulatory vandalism. He instituted a