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John Andrist: Tying the Shoes of a Policeman

John Andrist: Tying the Shoes of a Policeman

The historical consensus appears to  be that the Vietnam war was a gigantic mistake. All the more, that makes the men and women who served — and particularly those who lost their lives — are exceptional heroes, because they served their country out of a really pure loyalty. It was terribly disheartening to see the

The Left-Right Paradox at the Center of Our Debate Over Law Enforcement

Law enforcement has been much in my mind recently, for obvious reasons. As I’ve discussed with friends and family the recent violence perpetrated by police on civilians, and by civilians on police, I’ve notice something of a paradox in the views of liberals and conservatives. My liberal friends, who are generally in favor of solving

The Only Acceptable Statement Now Is ‘All Lives Matter’

I got up early this morning to rewrite my Sunday newspaper column after staying up until well past midnight last night watching events unfold in Dallas. You see, my column was about police shootings and violence against cops, but the attack on cops in Dallas has changed the landscape. I don’t know what to say

Rod St. Aubyn: "A House Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand"

On June 16, 1858, Abraham Lincoln made a speech before Republican delegates in Illinois for the selection of the Republican US Senate candidate for Illinois. With the backdrop of proposals to end slavery in the United States, there was constant racial conflict. Partially based on a bible verse, Lincoln stated the following as part of

#BlackLivesMatter Disruptions Are Not Protected Free Speech

In America we have something called the 1st amendment which protects, among other things, our right to communicate freely and assemble peacefully. We are very protective of those rights seeing them, rightfully, as the cornerstone to a liberal and generally peaceful society. But what the 1st amendment doesn’t protect is nonsense like this: Minnesota State