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Video: ND House Kills Anti-Holiday Shopping Bill

Video: ND House Kills Anti-Holiday Shopping Bill

Earlier this legislative session the state Senate passed a bill, SB2208, which takes aim at stores opening on holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas. The legislation, sponsored by Senator Dave Oehlke (R-Devils Lake) would have prohibited any lease from requiring that a business be open on Thanksgiving or Christmas (there is already a prohibition on a

Video: North Dakota Senate Passes Anti-Black Friday Shopping Bill

Every holiday shopping season Americans have a debate about Black Friday, complete with grumping about stores opening during the holidays themselves. Today in the Senate lawmakers passed a bill aimed at curbing some holiday openings. Currently state law prohibits any retail leases or agreements from requiring that a store be open on Sundays. SB2208, sponsored

A Preemptive Strike Against The Inevitable Whining About "Black Friday"

We’re past election day, and the holiday season looms. Looming along with it is the holiday shopping season, which is a spectacle of consumerism in which Americans feel obligated to go out and spend until it hurts for a myriad of reasons among them economic stimulus. Honestly, I think our country has an unhealthy attitude