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From The Left: Undecided On Measure 1

From The Left: Undecided On Measure 1

Last week, I wrote about my stances on the constitutional amendments and statutory initiatives North Dakotans will be voting on come November, 4th. At that time, I stated that I wanted to save my comment on Measure 1 until a later post. The truth is, as I write this, I am an undecided voter. A

Associated Press: Republicans Block "Free Contraception"

Earlier today the US Senate voted down a motion to invoke cloture on legislation seeking to overturn a Supreme Court ruling which held that closely-held companies cannot be forced, under Obamacare, to pay for contraception benefits for their employees if they find the contraception to be immoral and a violation of their religious conscience (for

From the Left: Conscience of a Pro-Life Democrat

I have a confession to make that may disappoint many of you. I am a lifelong Democrat, I have been active in the Dem-NPL party in my home state of North Dakota, I am the token “Liberal” here on the Say Anything Blog, and I am pro-life. I have not always been so. I was