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Mark Western: Northam Shouldn’t Resign

Mark Western: Northam Shouldn’t Resign

This guest post was submitted by Fargo-based attorney Mark Western “Those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.” If I were a betting man, I bet I don’t agree with many policy ideas that Governor Ralph Northam (D- Va.) has proposed. I think that his recent comments about birth/abortion are especially barbaric. But I

America’s One Remaining Bigotry: “We Don’t Want to Be Around Anyone Who Disagrees With Us.”

“America has come so far,” Bill Clinton said during an interview on The Daily Show last week. “We’re less racist, sexist, homophobic and anti specific religions than we used to be.” I’m not a Daily Show viewer, but I caught his remarks online after the fact, and I thought he expressed a refreshing sentiment in this era when so

George Sinner Gets Last Minute Endorsement From Former President Clinton

It seems that for George Sinner, even things that would seem to boost his campaign only provide a contrast for how lackluster his candidacy has been. During the 2012 cycle, former President Bill Clinton was fairly involved in North Dakota’s races. He was the keynote speaker at the Democrats’ statewide convention that year, and he

North Dakota Democrats Don't Exactly Score With Convention Speaker, But Lead NDGOP In Delegates

In what is perhaps a testament to their weak field of candidates this year – including US House candidate George Sinner, but excluding Agriculture Commissioner Ryan Taylor – North Dakota Democrats announced that the apex of their state convention will be state Rep. Colin Peterson from right across the border in Minnesota. Peterson, a long-serving

Does More Republicans In The Senate Mean More Approval For Congress?

The chart above was created by Jeff Dobbs, and it shows an interesting correlation between Congressional approval numbers and the number of Republicans in the Senate. I say correlation, because nothing hear establishes that Republicans in the Senate are necessary the cause of the fluctuations in approval. For one thing, Congress is more than just