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John Andrist: Is Big Business a Blessing or a Curse?

John Andrist: Is Big Business a Blessing or a Curse?

If somebody has more than they need, it is logical to conclude that sharing it with somebody who is hungry can satisfy both of them. But does that mean the rich create the poor? Or that the rich are subjugating the poor? Our family had that discussion around the dinner table, of all places, on

Under Obama, The Rich Have Gotten Richer

President Obama is nothing if not a class warrior, using the themes of the Occupy Wall Street movement to color his railing about the “1%” not “paying their fair share,” etc., etc. But what if it turned out the rich had actually gotten richer under President Obama’s governance? Remember too that from 2007 through 2010

Amendment To Let State Of North Dakota Write Checks To Individuals Fails

It’s a bit ironic that HCR3036 failed today. The constitutional amendment, introduced by Rep. Vicki Steiner, would add to the Article X Section 18 state constitution the following language allowing the state government to cut checks directly to individuals. The legislative assembly may provide by law for direct general allocations of state funds to North

American Entrepreneurship Is Dying

Via Jim Pethokoukis, here’s a frightening chart: Free markets depend on creative destruction. Old ways of doing things are constantly replaced by new, better ways of doing things. So, we should want to see a steady number of jobs created by new businesses, but as the chart shows we’re not seeing that at all. Which

Shocker: Democrats Selling Their Vote Data To Big Corporations

Democrats may sell themselves to voters as the party standing against “big business,” but they’re also the political party willing to sell the voter data they collect to “big business” for big bucks. Now, the record of what people told Democratic volunteers may go up for sale — and not just to political groups. Democrats