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Audio: PSC Randy Christmann Says North Dakota Doesn’t Need Obama’s Lame Duck Coal Regulation

Audio: PSC Randy Christmann Says North Dakota Doesn’t Need Obama’s Lame Duck Coal Regulation

Yesterday we got news that the State of North Dakota is suing the administration of lame duck President Barack Obama over the new Stream Protection Rule from the Department of the Interior. Today Public Service Commissioner Randy Christmann joined me on air to discuss the rule and the lawsuit. He told me North Dakota developed

North Dakota Cops Blast Obama on #NoDAPL Protests, Say They’ve Been “Completely and Utterly Abandoned”

On Friday a group of North Dakota cops, led by Morton County Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier, wrote a scathing letter to President Barack Obama blasting the federal government’s response to the protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline. Or, more specifically, the lack of a response. You can read the whole letter below. “It is our concern

Siding With Lawless, Violent #NoDAPL Movement, Obama Helps Create More Republicans

There are a lot of reasons to think the Obama administration’s decision to decline an easement for the Dakota Access Pipeline yesterday was a travesty, among the most prominent the fact that it was President Obama who made this decision. It’s worth keeping in mind that the pipeline’s current crossing of Lake Oahe was already

Congressman Cramer: Eviction Notice to #NoDAPL Camps Was Delayed for Weeks by the White House

Yesterday the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers dropped a holiday weekend surprise on the contentious battle over the Dakota Access Pipeline. The federal agency told protesters they have until December 5 to move off Corps land they’ve been camping on. Those camps have been a major bone of contention throughout this process. They were established

North Dakota Is Burning and President Barack Obama Is to Blame

“The September decision by the Obama administration to delay final approval for the Dakota Access Pipeline was intended to give federal officials more time to consult with Native American tribes that have faced dispossession from lands for decades,” Reuters reports today. “But the delays have also caused increased consternation among company officials and led to

Dakota Access Pipeline Company Asks Courts to Override Obama Administration’s Political Obstruction

“This action is motivated purely by politics at the expense of a company that has done nothing but play by the rules it was given,”Kelcy Warren, CEO of Energy Transfer Partners, said of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers decision to not make a decision about the last easement for the much-protested Dakota Access Pipeline

Army Corps Decides Not to Make a Decision on Dakota Access Pipeline

“Today, the Army informed the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, Energy Transfer Partners, and Dakota Access, LLC, that it has completed the review that it launched on September 9, 2016,” a press release from the Corps of Engineers states today. “The Army has determined that additional discussion and analysis are warranted in light of the history

Obama Administration’s Decision on the Dakota Access Pipeline Is Imminent

It’s been 63 days since President Barack Obama responded to a decision by federal Judge James Boasberg (an Obama appointee, ironically enough) to reject legal arguments against the Dakota Access Pipeline by withdrawing an easement for crossing the Lake Oahe reservoir the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers had already decided to grant. Yesterday Boasberg held

Obama on #DAPL: “We’re Going to Let It Play Out” Until I’m Not President Any More

“I think that right now the Army Corps is examining whether there are ways to reroute this pipeline in a way,” President Obama said of the Dakota Access Pipeline situation during a recent interview. “So, we’re going to let it play out for several more weeks and determine whether or not this can be resolved

National Sheriff’s Assoc. Alleges Effort to Thwart Federal Assistance in #NoDAPL Protests, Calls for Investigation

As I mentioned in a post yesterday evening I’m hearing some rumblings that we may get some movement this week on a federal response to #NoDAPL protesters camping without a permit on U.S. Army Corps of Engineers land. Hopefully that happens, for the sake of the rule of law, and hopefully the protesters leave those