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Obama Administration Exempts Wind Power From Consequences For Slaughter Of Birds

Obama Administration Exempts Wind Power From Consequences For Slaughter Of Birds

Back in 2011 Obama-appointed U.S. Attorney Tim Purdon tried to prosecute a group of oil companies operating in North Dakota over 28 dead ducks. The ducks were found after a months-long investigation by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, which probably could have found about the same number of dead water fowl along the state’s

Heidi Heitkamp's Cuba Trip Was Good, But The Nepotism Is Bad

In my Sunday column today I write about Senator Heidi Heitkamp’s trip to Cuba alongside President Barack Obama. Obama’s performance on the trip was poor. “President Barack Obama allowed himself to be berated and embarrassed by the Castro regime,” I wrote. “That’s not just a matter of form. Embarrassing America is the currency modern dictators

Matt Evans: The Qualities Needed To Be An Effective President

When engaging in the national pastime of arguing about politics, Americans often like to claim that any candidate (besides the one they support, of course) is not qualified for the job of President of The United States. Usually, such petitioners don’t actually explain what they think the qualifications are, so it’s difficult to have a

Enough With The Nepotism Senator Heitkamp

Yesterday left-wing talk radio host Joel Heitkamp announced on his show that he would be accompanying President Barack Obama during his historic upcoming trip to Cuba. That was the headline for the article written about Heitkamp’s announcement by a KFGO reporter. A more accurate and honest headline would have stated that Heitkamp is accompanying his

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Despite What Heidi Heitkamp Says, The Senate Has No Duty To Consider Obama's Supreme Court Nominee

Yesterday Senator Heidi Heitkamp took to the Senate floor to lecture her colleagues about Supreme Court appointments, saying they should considering any nomination President Barack Obama sends them because they’re just like construction workers or something. “Imagine a construction worker in North Dakota telling his boss that he doesn’t want to do his job for

Senator Heidi Heitkamp A Possible For The Supreme Court?

The quick answer to the question in the headline is, “probably not,” but since it’s a rumor I’ve heard from more than one source in North Dakota political circles (probably inspired by similar and more substantive rumors around Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar) let’s explore it. “Heard from some in the know in the Dem party

North Dakota Newspaper Editor: Obama Going For "Killing Blow" Against The Oil Industry

This video commentary by Dickinson Press editor Dustin Monke is pretty great. In it he addresses President Barack Obama’s proposed $10 per-barrel tax on oil production (which, as I’ve pointed out previously, would amount to about a $4.2 billion tax on North Dakota based on current production levels), something he calls an attempted “killing blow”

Heidi Heitkamp's Favorite Candidate Would Block Oil, Coal Development On Federal Lands

UPDATE: It appears as though Heidi Heitkamp’s political action committee has donated $5,000 to Clinton’s campaign. The key to Senator Heidi Heitkamp’s political success in North Dakota is her posturing as a moderate. And the policy area where she does the most posturing is on the topic of energy. And yet, the presidential candidates she supports

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Heidi Heitkamp-Backed President Proposes $4.2 Billion Tax On North Dakota Oil

When video of Heidi Heitkamp calling then-candidate Obama “amazing” at the 2008 national Democrat convention showed up in the 2012 election cycle it was quickly sent down the memory hole. A member of the North Dakota Demcorats’ executive committee threatened legal action against anyone posting the video. The why of that is obvious. Barack Obama

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Why Does Heidi Heitkamp Support Hillary Clinton Again?

Here’s another reason why it’s so bizarre that North Dakota Senator Heidi Heitkamp is backing Hillary Clinton. The Obama administration has halted leasing for coal development on federal lands pending a review which would “address climate change.” This is potentially a major headache for coal states like North Dakota. In this state, like many others,