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On Being a Conservative Atheist

On Being a Conservative Atheist

My Sunday print column this week was a rebuttal to certain North Dakota lawmakers who thought an effort to overturn the state’s blue laws was a plot by atheists to promote the downfall of the American family and teach kids about evolution, etc., etc. It prompted a lot of feedback. From the right I got

You Can Be Grateful If You're An Atheist

Not so long ago Fargo Forum columnist Roxane Salonen wrote a column with this headline: Can those without God be grateful guests? “Moving about this big, beautiful world, we all have a chance to enjoy the thoughtful gestures of God. And yet lack of recognizing the true giver misplaces our gratitude, makes it incomplete,” she wrote in

Christians Should Welcome Atheist Monument

In Florida, a group of atheists have put up their own monument near a public display of the 10 commandments, and they say they have plans for more monuments across the United States. I tend to be turned off by people who get militant about their religious beliefs, be they atheist or Christian or otherwise.