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Anne Krapu: Why I’m Voting With Dog the Bounty Hunter

Anne Krapu: Why I’m Voting With Dog the Bounty Hunter

Dog the Bounty Hunter almost made Fox News cry about sixteen months ago when asked who he was supporting for president. Cable’s favorite mullet-sporting accessory to justice responded: “I don’t think [Rubio] can beat the dynamic duo … the Clintons,” Chapman, who is a Republican, said, to much chagrin of those around him. “I want

Brock Schmeling: Buying A Gun Does Not End A Human Life

In her recent article linked here, Anne Krapu explains her outrage that abortion facilities are required to disclose certain information about abortion procedures. She muses about what the reaction would be if gun shops were legally required to give out similar information to their customers before they could sell a gun. We will return to this

Anne Krapu: It's Wrong To Focus On Testing In Education

Once again, I’m going to throw George W. Bush a compliment. In 2000, he famously stated, “Rarely is the question asked, is our children learning?” W had a point. Whenever policymakers do ask for quantifiable evidence about what American children are learning, an immediate snowball fight ensues regarding the quality of teachers, curriculum standards, proper

Anne Krapu: Got Hate?

“Because a place can do many things against you, and if it’s your home or if it was your home at one time, you still love it. That’s how it works.”  ― Cristina Henriquez I spend an awful lot of time defending North Dakotans from accusations of being backwards and ignorant. People from most of the

Anne Krapu: "They That Govern The Most Make The Least Noise"

17th century British jurist John Selden once noted, “They that govern the most make the least noise.” With a firm lock on the state legislature, governor’s mansion, statewide offices, and two of three of North Dakota’s slots in Congress, the NDGOP is certainly doing the most governing of any entity in the state. And, aside