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Podcast: State Rep. Marvin Nelson Talks About Proposed Ballot Measure Expanding State Worker’s Compensation Coverage

Podcast: State Rep. Marvin Nelson Talks About Proposed Ballot Measure Expanding State Worker’s Compensation Coverage

In North Dakota, worker’s compensation insurance is a monopoly. If you own a business you are required to purchase worker’s compensation coverage for your employees, and the only place you can get it is the state-run Workforce Safety & Insurance. Despite this – or because of it, depending on your point of view – North

Andy Peterson: Instead of #NoDAPL, How About #YesDAPL?

The State of North Dakota has a dynamic economy that is both rooted in the past and building for the future. The traditional livelihoods of our state’s earliest citizens are echoed today in our people, our cultural heritage, today’s modern ranching economy, and our forward looking business community. North Dakota has many opportunities to develop

Aimee Thiessen: Is Your Preschooler Ready For The Work Force?

Is your preschooler ready for the workforce? Doubtful. Are you concerned about your preschooler’s prospects in life because he/she isn’t ready for the workforce at age 5? [mks_pullquote align=”right” width=”300″ size=”24″ bg_color=”#000000″ txt_color=”#ffffff”]”I’m sorry, but my child isn’t a sponge for the state government or the business community or the teacher’s associations.”[/mks_pullquote] Again, doubtful. Preschool

Common Core Debate Devolves Into Pie Throwing Before Session Even Starts

There’s going to be a fight over Common Core in the upcoming legislative session, and judging by the way the battles lines are being drawn, it promises to be one of the ugliest political brawls of the session. Below is an email exchange among lawmakers and the North Dakota Chamber of Commerce prompted by an

Why North Dakota Is A Top Destination For Minnesotans Fleeing Higher Taxes

Andy Peterson, the President of the Greater North Dakota Chamber of Commerce, had a letter to the editor over the weekend highlighting the differences in income tax rates between North Dakota and Minnesota. The differences are pretty stark: A family of four in Minnesota making $100,000 per year, itemization not considered, pays $4,409 in state

Andy Peterson Column: "Extraordinary Places" Regulations At Odds With Law

When it comes to property rights few in North Dakota lack an opinion, which is why the Extraordinary Places proposal being considered by the state’s industrial commission is of concern to business and industry throughout the state. As recently as 2011 the legislature passed SB 2204 which effectively stated that any attempt by the federal